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Battlestar Galactica (2003)


A re-imagining of the original series in which a “rag-tag fugitive fleet” of the last remnants of mankind flees pursuing robots while simultaneously searching for their true home, Earth.

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Battlestar Galactica Details

On air:2003 – 2009
Number of seasons:4 (plus a 2 episode miniseries – called season 0 here)
Number of episodes:75
First episode premiered (US):8 December 2003
Final episode aired:20 March 2009
Network (US):Syfy
Shown in the UK on:Syfy

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Battlestar Galactica Seasons


Season 0 | 2003 | 2 Episodes | Episode Guide | Watch it at Amazon

The two-part Battlestar Galactica re-imagined miniseries premiered on 8 December 2003.


Season 1 | 2004 | 13 Episodes | Episode Guide | Watch it at Amazon

Season 1 picks up where the miniseries left off. After engaging in a losing battle against the Cylons, humanity’s last remnants are forced to flee under the protection of their one remaining warship, the outdated Battlestar Galactica. Pursued by the Cylons-some of whom have now taken human form-Commander Adama and President Roslin lead these last remnants of humanity in search of a new home – a planet called Earth.


Season 2 | 2005 | 20 Episodes | Episode Guide | Watch it at Amazon

Picking up where the first season left off, season 2 continues to chronicle the adventures of a ragtag fleet of humans, the sole survivors of a devastating nuclear attack by the robot Cylons. But it soon becomes clear that more threatens this fragile society than external forces. Massive fear, paranoia, and political ambition — all classic plagues to developing civilizations — wear away at the already-fatigued fleet.


Season 3 | 2006 | 20 Episodes | Episode Guide | Watch it at Amazon

Season 3 picks up where last season’s cliffhanger finale left off, the Galactica crew discovers a habitable planet, but things become even further complicated when the Cylons, led by Caprica Six and Sharon, find the planet and offer humanity a stunning proposal of peace.


Season 4 | 2008 | 20 Episodes | Episode Guide | Watch it at Amazon

As season 4 begins, the last remnants of humanity continue their search for a new home. Galactica’s crew attempts to make sense of the inexplicable while four members of the fleet are still reeling from past revelations.

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