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Primeval: New World Cancelled

Primeval: New World 600 Wide

The Canadian broadcaster Space has decided not to renew Primeval: New World for a second season, a decision based on the fact that the show’s rating plummeted after only five shows were broadcast in the UK from 409,000 to 266,000.

So, after only 13 episodes, Primeval: New World will be no more when season 1 concludes. Or will it? The production team tweeted, “We are in talks with other International broadcasters – stay tuned!”

Netflix anyone?

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  • Joanne Sciabarra

    I’m devastated about the cancellation of the series. It was so much better in every way than its british counterpart. Please find another place for this series that was just beginning to really open up new relationships, & explore new challenges.

  • Joan Fravel

    I was so upset to find out that Primevil: New World was cancelled; it was a great show. If you are not going to renew the series at least make a movie t let us know how things turned out after the big cliffhanger you left us with so unfair!!!!!!

  • Kim Kinzel

    I felt the show was getting better each episode and had a lot of directions it could of went. To cancel was just stupid, can’t fix stupid (SPACE).

    • Joanne Sciabarra

      I completely agree that the show was just starting to fulfill its potential. I wish they would at least do a movie to wrap up events. They did a theatrical movie for “Firefly” which was successful & totally satisfying. All they need is a tv movie.

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