The Walking Dead – Season 4 Trailer from San Diego Comic Con

It seems that our favourite zombie show is set to move on yet again if this trailer which debuted at San Diego Comic Con this weekend is anything to go by.

As the prison seems to be getting overrun with walkers it looks like a decision will be made to abandon it for pastures new but walkers are not the only thing there is to worry about as there is a human element to be scared of too which seems to have lured the walkers to the prison on purpose.

We also have some dates for season 4 as well, as it has been revealed that the UK will see the new season within days of it screening in the US. UK viewers will see The Walking Dead season 4 starting the week of 13th October.

Season 4 is 16 episodes long and 8 of those will screen before Christmas, with the second eight coming along in February 2014.

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