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Bitten S02E01 - Bad Blood  
S02E01 - Bad Blood
In the Season 2 premiere, Elena and the Pack are on the hunt for Malcolm, while back at Stonehaven, Jeremy's leadership over North America is challenged when he is given an ultimatum by the Council of International Alphas.
Bitten S02E02 - Scare Tactics  
S02E02 - Scare Tactics
While in Louisina Clay discovers the truth about his family. Back in Stonehaven, Malcolm refuses to reveal Rachel’s location. Roderigo’s arrival at Stonehaven takes an unforeseen turn and two unexpected visitors enter the mansion. Meanwhile, Elena meets with Diane to talk about Philip’s death. The night falls in Stonehaven hot and unpredictable.
Bitten S02E03 - Hell's Teeth  
S02E03 - Hell's Teeth
In a flashback we witness Savannah’s kidnap. Back to present day, Jeremy and his pack are searching for Malcolm; also Roderigo’s pack is looking for Roderigo. Paige and Ruth return Stonehaven and discuss with Jeremy the terms of a witch/werewolf pact and set a trap for Aleister. Savannah sends Alastair into the trap and a big – with an unpredictable outcome – begins.
Bitten S02E04 - Dead Meat  
S02E04 - Dead Meat

Elena is kidnapped. The Pack and Witches are trying to locate Elena and Savannah. Logan has sneaked in Aleister’s Compound and is looking for Rachel. Aleister’s big plan has a name, “The Undoing.”

Bitten S02E05 - Rabbit Hole  
S02E05 - Rabbit Hole
In a flashback we see how Dr. Bauer met Aleister. Back in the present, Elena is forced to assist Dr. Bauer, Aleister continues on manipulating Savannah and Rachel is being brainwashed. At Stonehaven Paige and Nick try to track down Aleister’s step mother, while Jeremy and Ruth take another path in search for answers. Elena manages to communicate with the pack.
Bitten S02E06 - Nine Circles  
S02E06 - Nine Circles
In a flashback we see Aleister’s birth. Back in the present day, Rachel meets with Logan, while Aleister tries to break the connection between Savannah and Elena. Elena manages to escape but she’s hallucinating. Clay and Paige are reaching to the Compound.
Bitten S02E07 - Bad Dreams  
S02E07 - Bad Dreams
Savannah is tortured by a bad dream; meanwhile at Stonehaven Elena an Clay make plans for their future and Jeremy meets with members of the Council. At the Compound Nick and Paige destroy evidence and Paige convinces him to meet with his mother. Back at Stonehaven, Jeremy is being blackmailed by the Spanish Alpha and Savannah’s arrival complicates things further.
Bitten S02E08 - Dark Arts  
S02E08 - Dark Arts
In a flash back we learn about Aleister’s and Clara’s past. Back in the present, Aleister in Clay’s body prepares to abduct Savannah by convincing Ruth and Paige to perform Savannah’s magical coming-of-age ceremony in Stonehaven. The ceremony begins and Aleister must kill Clay to return to his body.
Bitten S02E09 - Scavenger's Daughter  
S02E09 - Scavenger's Daughter
In a flashback we learn more on Aleister’s past. In the present, witches and werewolves are in grave danger because the Undoing; so they join forces to locate and stop Aleister once and for all! Elsewhere, Aleister and Clara are trying to control Savannah, while Logan and Rachel are having problems of their own.
Bitten S02E10 - Fine Temporum  
S02E10 - Fine Temporum
The Pack and Paige arrive at the Deplhi, but Aleister, Clara and Savannah are one step ahead. While Jeremy and his pack fight spelled guards to get to the catacombs, Aleister is already there trying to stop Ruth from killing him. Elena and Paige get to the catacombs first and the fight to stop the Undoing begins.
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