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Daredevil - S01E01  
S01E01 - Into the Ring
Karen Page is framed for the murder of a co-worker, and turns to the new legal firm of Murdock & Nelson for help... unaware that blind lawyer Matt Murdock is secretly a costumed vigilante who prowls the streets of Hell's Kitchen by night.
Daredevil - S01E02  
S01E02 - Cut Man
After going up against the Russians, Daredevil is badly injured and a nurse takes him in. However, the vigilante soon has to leave when he learns that the mob has abducted a young boy to lure him into a trap.
Daredevil - S01E03  
S01E03 - Rabbit in a Snowstorm
Wesley visits Foggy and Matt and offers them a well-paying case: get a killer off at trial. Meanwhile, Wilson purchases a painting.
Daredevil - S01E04  
S01E04 - In the Blood
The Russians abduct Claire in an attempt to find out who her mysterious patient was. Meanwhile, Vanessa and Wilson go out on a date.
Daredevil - S01E05  
S01E05 - World on Fire
Wilson frames Daredevil for Anatoly's death to distract Vladimir from his true plans. Meanwhile, Foggy helps an elderly tenant deal with her criminal landlord and meets an old flame.
Daredevil - S01E06  
S01E06 - Condemned
Daredevil tries to escape Hell's Kitchen with a wounded Vladimir in the hopes that the mobster can provide him with the evidence he needs to bring down Wilson.
Daredevil - S01E07  
S01E07 - Stick
Stick, Matt's former mentor, comes to New York City to recruit his student for a battle in his unending war. Meanwhile, Karen tries to connect Union Allied to the mysterious "kingpin." In the past, Stick takes in a young Matt Murdock and tries to transform him into a soldier.
Daredevil - S01E08  
S01E08 - Shadows in the Glass
Matt joins Karen and Foggy in their quest to track down the man behind Union Allied. Meanwhile, Wilson's organization begins to crumble and he turns to Vanessa for solace.
Daredevil - S01E09  
S01E09 - Speak of the Devil
While Matt questions whether he's capable of murder, Wilson cements his grip on Hell's Kitchen. Meanwhile, Karen and Foggy face an unexpected tragedy.
Daredevil - S01E10  
S01E10 - Nelson v. Murdock
Murdock and Foggy's relationship is tested. Meanwhile, a new enemy against Fisk comes to the surface.
Daredevil - S01E11  
S01E11 - The Path of the Righteous
Fisk and Murdock grapple with the choices they've made, as Ben and Karen inch closer to the truth about Fisk's past.
Daredevil - S01E12  
S01E12 - The Ones we Leave Behind
While Daredevil goes after Madame Gao, Karen tries to get Ben to run their story while Foggy shows what they have to Marci.
Daredevil - S01E13  
S01E13 - Daredevil
After Ben's death, Matt, Foggy, and Karen are more determined to bring down Wilson than ever. To do so, they need to find Hoffman before Wilson's people do, and convince him to give testimony against his former employer.
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