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Jessica Jones
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Jessica Jones S01E01 - AKA Ladies Night  
S01E01 - AKA Ladies Night
PI Jessica Jones, a former superhero, is hired by a couple to find their missing daughter Hope. However, Jessica soon discovers that the crime is far more complicated than a simple disappearance.
Jessica Jones S01E02 - AKA Crush Syndrome  
S01E01 - Crush Syndrome
Jessica sets out to find enough evidence of Kilgrave's survival that Jeri will take Hope's case. Meanwhile, Luke finds out that Jessica has been spying on him, and Trish trains for the worst.
Jessica Jones S01E03 - AKA It's Called Whiskey  
S01E03 - AKA It's Called Whiskey
After she and Luke spend the tonight, Jessica sets out to get the anesthesia she needs to negate Kilgrave's ability. Meanwhile, Jeri helps Trish get a remote interview with Hope.
Jessica Jones S01E04 - AKA 99 Friends  
S01E04 - AKA 99 Friends
Jessica takes on a new case while trying to get a lead on Kilgrave. Meanwhile, a survivor's group of Klgrave's victims form, and Trish confronts the man who tried to kill her.
Jessica Jones S01E05 - AKA The Sandwich Saved Me  
S01E05 - AKA The Sandwich Saved Me
While Jessica and her allies try to capture Kilgrave so that they can clear Hope's name, Jessica remembers how Kilgrave first controlled her.
Jessica Jones S01E06 - AKA You're a Winner  
S01E06 - AKA You're a Winner
While Kilgrave buys a house and Jeri gets Hope the medicine she wants, Luke hires Jessica to track down a teenager in return for the boy's sister providing him with evidence of who killed his wife.
Jessica Jones S01E07 - AKA Top Shelf Perverts  
S01E07 - AKA Top Shelf Perverts
Kilgrave prepares his new home for Jessica, who tries to get herself locked away in the hopes that Kilgrave will be exposed trying to rescue her.
Jessica Jones S01E08 - AKA WWJD?  
S01E08 - AKA WWJD?
Kilgrave tries to court Jessica in his own twisted way, and she tries to convince him to use his powers for good. Meanwhile, Will goes rogue in an attempt to stop Kilgrave once and for all, and Jeri inadvertently asks Kilgrave for his help dealing with her ex.
Jessica Jones S01E09 - AKA Sin Bin  
S01E09 - AKA Sin Bin
When Kilgrave refuses to use his powers on video to provide the evidence needed to clear Hope, Jessica tracks down his parents. Meanwhile, Wendy's demands in the divorce increase.
Jessica Jones S01E10 - AKA 1000 Cuts  
S01E10 - AKA 1000 Cuts
Kilgrave's father believes that he can find a vaccine to negate his son's mind-control powers. Meanwhile, Jessica captures Kilgrave but Robyn's attempts to find her brother Ruben throw things into chaos.
Jessica Jones S01E11 - AKA I've Got the Blues  
S01E11 - AKA I've Got the Blues
While Jessica checks the city morgues assuming that Kilgrave will kill Albert, Will reaches out to Trish to try and repair their relationship. In the past, Jessica and Trish bond over their mutual secrets.
Jessica Jones S01E12 - AKA Take a Bloody Number  
SS01E12 - AKA Take a Bloody Number
After Luke blows up his bar on Kilgrave's command, Jessica takes him along as she tries to find her tormentor. Meanwhile, Dorothy tries to stage a reunion with Trish.
Jessica Jones S01E13 - AKA Smile  
S01E13 - AKA Smile
After Kilgrave boosts his powers, Jessica tracks him down... but can she resist him one final time?
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