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Lost Merchandise

Lost - The Complete First Season on DVD
Lost - The Complete Second Season on DVD
And so it begins. It's hard to pinpoint just when you realise how good Lost actually is. Granted, the opening episode is an astonishingly assured way to start, replete with an almighty plane crash on a seemingly deserted desert island. Yet as those who have followed the hype are well aware, there's far more on offer here, with carefully woven plotlines introducing a series of characters who are slowly and intriguingly fleshed out throughout the 25 episodes in this set.
Season two of the television phenomenon that is Lost is where the questions, in many senses, started to be asked. Picking up directly after that first season cliffhanger, it sets off at a belting pace, continuing the adventures of a group of people stranded on a desert island following a plane crash. Only, as becomes increasingly clear, the island is a mysterious place, and the survivors appear not to be alone.
Special Features
Special Features
  • Lost Flashbacks All New Unaired Flashbacks
  • Welcome To Oahu The Making Of The Pilot Behind The Scenes Featurette
  • The Genesis Of Lost
  • The Art Of Matthew Fox
  • Audio Commentaries
  • Before They Were Lost Audition Tapes And Personal Stories From The Cast
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Deleted scenes
  • Featurette
Lost - The Complete Third Season on DVD
Lost - The Official Board Game
Lost: The Official Board Game
There's a steady pattern forming to seasons of Lost , where the narrative by turns manages to enthral and frustrate with equal measure. And the show's makers are clearly wise to this, as while elements of the third season revert to type, there's a clear and genuine effort to energise a programme that continues to stretch its simple premise as far as it can.

So while Lost still compromises of a group of plane crash survivors marooned on a mysterious island, there's plenty else being thrown into the pot. Season three finds new characters, greater exposition of the mysterious ‘others', the obligatory background character work, and a pronounced fracturing of relations between many of the survivors.

Special Features
  • To be confirmed

LOST JIGSAW PUZZLES: This brilliant new set of LOST mystery jigsaws provide clues to the series when completed (though even when you have the Jigsaw done you'll need your wits about you to get the clues - nothing is quite what it seems to be in the LOST world). Each one offers a themed clue relating to "The Hatch," "The Numbers," "The Others," and "Before the Crash" and have been provided by LOST writers just for this project. The biggest secret of all is only revealed when all 4 are put together!

Lost - Mysteries of the Island Jigsaw Puzzle - 1 of 4
Lost - Mysteries of the Island Jigsaw Puzzle - 2 of 4
Lost - The Mystery of the Island Jigsaw Puzzles
Lost - The Mystery of the Island Jigsaw Puzzles
One of Four - "The Hatch"
Two of Four - "The Others"
Lost - Mysteries of the Island Jigsaw Puzzle - 3 of 4
Lost - Mysteries of the Island Jigsaw Puzzle - 4 of 4
Lost - The Mystery of the Island Jigsaw Puzzles
Lost - The Mystery of the Island Jigsaw Puzzles
Three of Four - "The Numbers"
Four of Four - "Before the Crash"
Lost - Mr. Eko Action Figure
Lost - Sawyer Action Figure
Lost: Mr. Eko Action Figure
Lost: Sawyer Action Figure
Lost - Sun Action Figure
Lost - Jin Action Figure
Lost: Sun Action Figure
Lost: Jin Action Figure
Lost - The Hatch Diorama
Lost - Charlie Action Figure
Lost: The Hatch Diorama
Lost: Charlie Action Figure
Lost - Hurley Action Figure
Lost - Jack Action Figure
Lost: Hurley Action Figure
Lost: Jack Action Figure
Lost - Kate Action Figure
Lost - Shannon Action Figure
Lost: Kate Action Figure
Lost: Shannon Action Figure
Lost Trading Cards - Season 1
Lost Trading Cards - Season 2
Lost Trading Cards: 90 Card Set - Season One
Lost Trading Cards: 90 Card Set - Season Two
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