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Odyssey 5
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Odyssey 5 Season 1 Episode 1

"Premier" - Part 1

At an altitude of 190 statute miles above Earth, Mission Specialist, Neil Taggart of the Odyssey 5 crew has just completed a routine but delicate translation maneuver with an orbiting satellite. Sarah Forbes the CNT news anchor has also just concluded the first live broadcast from space, an interview with science crewmember, Dr. Kurt Mendel. Suddenly, all the feeds display static and there is a brilliant flash of light, Mission Commander, Chuck Taggart instantly commands all his crew into their compartments. As Mission Pilot, Angela Perry buckles into her seat, she sees a searing flare, then a swirling maelstrom that surrounds the Earth, spinning faster and faster until the Earth implodes and then explodes. An ear-shattering blast and shock wave slams the Odyssey 5 and Angela the only witness to the Earth's destruction is hurled into the control panel. The crew battles one emergency situation after the other. Finally the Odyssey 5 is stable, the silence of space returns. Mission Specialist, Matt Walsh is dead, Angela has suffered a severe concussion and the remaining crew realizes that the Earth is nowhere in sight - they are left with nine hours of oxygen and a minimal chance of survival. As the oxygen supply is depleted, they each drift off to sleep.

The battered and scorched orbiter is now resting in a featureless expanse and the crew begins to awaken - they have been rescued by a mysterious alien being known as The Seeker. The Seeker reveals to the crew, that countless advanced civilizations throughout the galaxy have met the same fate as the Earth. The Odyssey astronauts are the only survivors The Seeker has ever encountered. He divulges that there is still a chance to save the Earth. Utilizing the vast technology at his disposal, The Seeker projects the astronauts into the past with their knowledge of future events. The crew of the Odyssey must now relive the five years leading up to the Earth's destruction, determine who or what destroyed the world and stop it from happening.

Five years earlier, Chuck Taggart suddenly awakens in bed beside his wife Page, Neil Taggart is sprawled out on a floor of a high-school party, quickly they find their bearings and contact each other. Sarah bolts upright in the bed she shared with her first husband Paul and runs to the bedroom of the their child, Corey that they had lost to cancer. As Chuck Taggart sets out to pick up Neil, Kurt Mendel appears at his door. He informs Chuck that Angela is caught in a decaying orbit miles above the Earth's surface, immediately they set out to Missions Operations where Taggart commands Angela safely back to Earth.

Over the next few days, Chuck Taggart contacts each Odyssey 5 crewmember and at their first group meeting, he informs them of a NADCOM orbital physics experiment satellite deployed through the agency's Special Projects Division named "bright sky". He also reveals, before the oxygen supply was depleted on the Odyssey 5, he found a ground-to-air transmission seconds before the Earth exploded, to a satellite with the code word: Leviathan. A few days later, Taggart approaches his close friend and NASA flight director, Ed Scrivens to search for information about "bright sky"

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