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Odyssey 5
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Odyssey 5 Season 1 Episode 2

"Premier" - Part 2

The Odyssey 5 crew tries to re-establish the patterns of their lives. Sarah returns to her position at KNBS, a local TV station but takes extreme precautionary measures to ensure her child is in good health. Mendel decides to live his life to the fullest and on the edge, he breaks up with his fiancée, cashes in his investments and decides to bet on a football game but quickly discovers that the past is not repeating - he loses the bet.

Late one night, while Gerald Wilkinson is observing bio-chemical specimens in his home lab, he receives a telephone call - a quasi-mechanical, low pitched buzzing drone - he hangs up and proceeds to leave the house. When his wife Elaine (Maria Vacratsis) tries to stop him, he pushes her back with surprising force. Not much later, Gerald Wilkinson purposely collides his car, head on into Ed Scrivens' car who is on his way home from work. At the solemn tableau of gravestones after Ed Scrivens funeral, the Odyssey 5 crewmembers discuss their situation. Taggart informs them, that just before his death; Ed had discovered information about "bright sky". The crew begins to investigate the death of Gerald Wilkinson. They conclude that all the evidence points to a gene therapy program and a possible computer virus. They decide to investigate the warehouse where the gene therapy patients have been meeting. At the warehouse, the crew discovers an immaculate storage area. Chuck probes the fluid in the tank with a pipe to discover and awaken an organism with appendages. Unknowingly he has set off its destruction, the group of gene therapy patients arrive, some try desperately to save the being in the tank while others pursue the crew. As Chuck, Mendel and Angela run from the warehouse, Neil and Sarah appear with the rescue car just in time. A few days later, the crewmembers meet at a diner. Chuck informs them that the warehouse has just been rented out to a boating supply firm. They surmise that the gene experiments will begin again at another location, discuss the delicate balance of future events and their continued search for the cause of Earth's destruction.

Meanwhile in another city, a university graduate student manipulates a digital organism within a fully contained virtual landscape - suddenly one of the digital organisms sprouts appendages and repeatedly continues to attack and absorb other organisms - the computer screens read: Leviathan Version 4.3

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