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Roswell Season 1 Episode 2

"Morning After"

Michael sneaks into Max’s room, unable to sleep, and it is obvious that he has a burning desire to learn about his origins, a desire not shared as strongly by Isabel and Max. We got a real glimpse tonight of the hellish life that Michael has, and why he has such a strong desire to learn the truth about his origins. I thought that Michael showed a vulnerable side tonight that was not evident in the series premiere. Michael wants to break into the Sheriff’s office to take whatever evidence that exists on others of their type, but Max and Liz are not very enthused about this plan, and Isabel makes the statement that she likes her life, and doesn’t want to have to leave it.

In the meantime, Liz and Maria are discussing the revelation that aliens (which they comically refer to as Czechoslovakians at Liz’s request) do, in fact, exist, and it is obvious that Maria has great fears about this discovery. I thought that Liz’s statement that “The thing you have to factor in about Czechoslovakians is that they have incredibly soulful eyes” was really sweet. I find the innocent love that she has for Max to be incredibly endearing.

Back in school, a new substitute teacher, Kathleen Topolski, seems to have an unusual interest in Michael’s whereabouts, which draws Liz’s suspicions. Kyle and Liz meet in the hallway, and it is quite evident that whatever feelings that she had for him are over, but that Kyle still has feelings for her. Liz then purposely bumps into Ms. Topolski, and she sees that she has a file on Michael, so Liz goes to Michael’s house to warn him, something that really reflects on just how sweet and kind a character Liz is. Liz tells her suspicions about the substitute teacher to Max, but Max is skeptical, and he says that they have to go on with life as it was before, and that they all have to be careful. I was very touched by Liz’s concern for Max and his friends. Max then sees Ms. Topolski talking to a police officer, so he sends Liz a note to meet him in the eraser room. Once Maria learns about the note, she warns Liz that the eraser room is a place that will “take her innocence,” which I found to be really funny! Back at the sheriff’s office, Government agents come to take all the evidence that the sheriff has on alien activity, despite denying finding anything suspicious about Liz’s waitress uniform, which the sheriff had given them as evidence. The sheriff, already tipped off by the presence of an FBI agent in his office the day before, had hidden a mysterious key that had been in the alien file that he has and Michel seeks. Liz meets Max in the eraser room, and I found the disappointment that was written all over her face that Max was meeting her there simply to spy on Ms. Topolski to be very endearing and innocently sweet. I liked the discussions that she and Max had, and the affection between them is obvious to see. These characters, especially Liz, are a real delight to watch. Max and Liz overhear Ms. Topolski say to a security officer that she is going to Michael’s house to try and talk with him. Liz and Max head to Michael’s house to warn him, and Kyle follows them, and he mistakenly believes that Liz and Max are having some type of amorous encounter in Max’s car, so he runs up to the car, and in the scuffle, Ms. Topolski sees Liz. Max then asks Liz to have lunch with him sometime.

Michael breaks into the sheriff’s office, eventually aided by Max and Isabel, and they narrowly escape with the mysterious key which Michael finds. Michael sees flashes of a spaceship when he holds the key, but no one else does.

Ms. Topolski reveals to Liz that she is, in fact, the new guidance counselor, and that Michael is in danger of being expelled. The show ends with Liz writing in her diary once more, musing on the topics of secrets, and how they can affect various people

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