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Roswell Season 1 Episode 5


The show opened with Liz walking home with a great deal of fear and trepidation, as she reflects how her perception of the world has changed due to her recent experiences. Liz then finds her journal missing, which causes her a great deal of concern, because, as she relates to Maria in the next scene, she had recounted the full story of how Max had saved her and who and what he really was in her journal.
The next scene switches to Michael, who has had a dream about the vision he saw, and he sketches what he saw, with a pencil that he sharpens in his own hand. Michael then goes to see Max, and shows him his sketch, and Max is unimpressed, and suggests that they talk about it in the morning.

Back at school, Liz and Maria discuss what could have happened to the journal, and they both suspect Alex, who had been studying with Liz the day before. Liz then tries to tell Max about her missing journal, but Michael interrupts her in a rather cold manner and brushes her off, to Max’s great dismay. We next find a worried Liz sitting alone in a classroom. This draws the attention of Ms. Topolski, who unsuccessfully tries to get Liz to confide in her. Maria then talks to Alex, and relays her suspicions that he took Liz’s journal. This hurts and angers Alex, and he storms off, and walks right into the “web” of the dissembling Ms. Topolski, who guilefully gets him to tell her about Liz’s missing journal. It turns out that the ingratiating Ms. Topolski is really a government agent, and she makes a phone call to one of her operatives to relay that she has made an interesting discovery, and to request assistance. We next see Michael make an appearance in his art class, and he obsessively sketches his “vision” to great detail. Kyle then coldly confronts Liz about their breakup, under the ever watchful eye of Ms. Topolski. We next find Max at his job at the UFO Center, and his boss refers him, as a “true believer,” to a book about the alien landing that he thinks Max will find interesting. Liz then comes to see Max, and nervously tells him about her missing journal, and that it includes information about him and his identity. Liz asks a clearly concerned Max to give her one day to find the journal, and asks him not to tell anyone. Back at home, Liz searches frantically for her journal, and has a confrontation with her mother about not wanting to talk to Alex, and I sensed, as I did last week, an air of tension between Liz and her mother. We then find Isabel, Michael and Max at the Crashdown Café, where Isabel is trying to dissuade Michael from pursuing his “vision,” saying that he is placing them all in danger. Kyle then confronts Max and tells him that he’s “on to him.” Max then goes to see Liz, and he tells her that he thinks Kyle stole Liz’s journal, and has a vision of Kyle being in Liz’s room when he picks up a CD that Kyle had returned to Liz. Michael completes the picture of his vision in art class, and his art teacher reveals that it’s a picture of a geodesic dome, which was a “futuristic” house used by scientists to conduct their studies. Liz confronts Kyle, who neither confirms or denies that he took her journal, but he tells her that he “knows she has secrets,” especially about Max Evans, and his anger seems to bode trouble for the future. Ms. Topolski meets with her fellow agents and says that Liz’s journal shows potential proof of real alien contact, and dispatches agents to Kyle’s house as a starting point to find it. Liz and Max then unsuccessfully search Kyle’s house for Liz’s journal, “tailed” by a shadowy figure who watches their every move. Max then tells Isabel and Michael about Liz’s missing journal, and the information it contained, and warns Michael not to blame Liz, or do anything rash. Michael then goes to see a worried Liz, and he reveals that he was the one who stole her journal, and to Liz’s great relief, he tells her that he now realizes she can be trusted, and he returns her journal to her, asking her not to tell Max what had happened. I felt that this represented a real breakthrough for Michael’s character, as he finally learns to start to break down the walls of distrust and suspicion, and place some faith in someone outside his immediate circle.

Liz then goes to see Max, and she tells him a “good friend” had returned her journal, and she explains that she wrote what she did because Max had “touched” her in a special way, and that she had to write it down. Max asks to see what Liz wrote in her journal, and in a sweetly tender way, she says that it “wouldn’t be a good idea.” Max then reveals his own feelings towards her, telling her that if he read her journal, he would realize how Liz really sees him, and Liz shyly smiles, revealing, in a wonderfully subtle way, the depth of feeling that she has for Max. The show ends with Isabel discovering a picture of the geodesic dome that Michael sketched in the book that Max was reading, and with Liz musing on the effects that recent events have had on her life, as she hides her journal in a safe place


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