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Roswell Season 1 Episode 7

"River Dog"

This episode opened up where the last episode had left off, with Liz, Max, Isabel, Maria and Michael in the secret room in James Atherton’s geodesic dome, while above them, Sheriff Valenti has been knocked unconscious by Ms. Topolsky, who is in actuality a FBI agent. Conveniently though, thanks to a rat that scurries by to the horror of Maria, they found a hidden tunnel, and our heroes make their escape, after hurriedly gathering all the research material they can find. Isabel finds a locket with a missing corner that has some type of mysterious symbol on it, and recognizing the symbol, she takes it before she too escapes, followed closely by Ms. Topolsky. In the meantime, Sheriff Valenti surreptitiously observes who had knocked him out, without revealing to the devious Ms. Topolsky that he has recovered.
On the trip back, in separate cars, Liz, with Max and Liz, muses on the events of that evening, and Maria and Michael deconstruct the previous evening’s events, showing a reluctant but growing attraction for one another.

Back at Max and Isabel’s house, where they’ve hidden all the research material that they took from James Atherton’s geodesic dome, Isabel asks Max to recall a symbol that they had drawn in the sand on a Florida vacation that they had taken years before. She then asks Max to draw the symbol, and his drawing not only matches the old picture she has of their sand drawing, but it also matches the symbol on the locket that Isabel found. Back at school, Maria talks to Liz about Michael, and Maria calls him a “vibrator,” meaning someone who communicates by sending “vibes” out into the atmosphere, injecting some rare humor into this usually rather somber and ominous show. Maria indicates that Michael had asked her to come with him to Max and Isabel’s house, to go through the information that they had gathered, and Liz seems a little hurt that she hadn’t been asked, but she indicates to Maria that she will join her later. Liz then goes off to talk to a bitter and sarcastic Kyle, who says he won’t reveal what had happened the night before, until he has something on Max that will “destroy” him. We see Agent Topolsky being chewed out over the phone by her superior, who we met in the first show. He orders her to get the information that had been taken from James Atherton’s geodesic dome, and she replies that she’s “all over it.” Sheriff Valenti goes to the UFO Center, and asks Max’s boss about James Atherton, and Max’s boss indicates that James Atherton had written a book about aliens called “Among Us,” and he had mysteriously disappeared in 1959. Back in his office, the sheriff notes that the dust jacket picture of Atherton matches the photograph of the dead body with the palm print on it that the sheriff has. Max, Isabel and Michael head to Max and Isabel’s house, and Michael indicates that Maria will be joining them, and when Max and Isabel express their displeasure at this, Michael gets all defensive and says that Maria had “forced him” to allow her to come, calling her a “vibrator!” I thought this was a very firm indication of the mutual attraction that Michael and Maria have for each other. Pulling up to their house though, they see it surrounded by the police, and Michael makes his escape. They then pull up to the house, and a dubious Sheriff Valenti tells them that their house has been broken into. Horrified, Max and Isabel go into Max’s room, and discover that all the research material that they had gotten from James Atherton’s geodesic dome has been stolen. A suspicious Sheriff Valenti starts to “grill” Max and Isabel, until he is stopped by Mrs. Evans. In Isabel’s room, the Deputy notices the locket that Isabel is wearing, and he says that it’s from the Mesa Laka Reservation, where he had grown up. Michael, Max, and Isabel go then go to see Maria and Liz, and tell them what’s happened, and that they’re being followed. Michael recognizes the locket that Isabel has. Sheriff Valenti goes to see Ms. Topolsky and tells her about the break in at the Evans’ house, while dropping hints that he’s “on to her.” Liz goes to see Max, and she climbs through the window, and literally falls into Max’s arms. She tells Max that she intends to go to the Reservation to find out whatever information she can, to pay Max back for saving her life. Max is against this of course, but in the sweet and earnest way that has become Liz’s trademark, she tells Max that she “has to do this one thing.” She tells Max, in a firm but incredibly endearing way, that she’s going no matter what he says, and he gives her the locket that may hold the key to their origins. Once again, the tender affection between these two characters is a joy to behold. Liz then goes out to a trade store on the Reservation, and runs into a mysterious older Native American who recognizes the locket she has, and he tells her to give him the locket, and that the locket is dangerous and “brings death.” Later, back at the diner, Liz meets a young Native American named Eddie, who brings her a message from “River Dog,” the man she had met the night before. Eddie has the missing corner from the locket that Liz had. He tells her to meet River Dog on the Reservation at 10:00 PM that night. That evening, knowing they’re being followed, Liz, Max, Isabel and Michael throw Ms. Topolsky off their trail, and Liz and Max meet up with Maria, who lends them her car. Ms. Topolsky is stopped by the sheriff, and he indicates that he knows she’s a FBI agent, and he tells her that he’s ready to turn her in to her superiors. Ms. Topolsky, clearly corned, proposes that they work together and pool their information, and he tells her that he’ll “think about it.” Personally, I don’t like the idea of these two villainous characters teaming up, but it does add to the intrigue on the show. Max and Liz meet up with Eddie at the Reservation, and he says that he will lead them to River Dog, but they will have to pass a “test” before River Dog will reveal any information to them. Max and Liz get separated, and Max uses his powers to light up the area, and by doing so, he apparently passes the “test” that River Dog had laid out for them. River Dog then tells Max and Liz about the alien that he had encountered 40 years before, and that the alien had befriended River Dog and his entire tribe, and had lived among them. He said that the alien had also befriended James Atherton, and had given him the locket they had. Much to Max and Liz’s horror, however, he then told them that the alien had murdered James Atherton. Meanwhile, Michael and Maria, waiting for Max and Liz to return, continue to argue with each other, but at the end of their argument, Michael kisses Maria passionately, which he tells an obviously smitten Maria that he did it to “calm her down.”

The episode ends with River Dog showing Max and Liz a mysterious cave writing that was made by the previous alien, and he warns Liz to make sure that Max deserves her trust

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