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Roswell Season 1 Episode 8

"Blood Brother"

In the opening scene, Max asks Liz to go for a ride with him, due to the absence of one of their teachers, much to her great delight. He takes her on a ride on a seldom used back road out of town, and she muses about their “perfect moment” together as they listen to a song they both like. Suddenly, a horse jumps out in front of them, and Max swerves to avoid it, and they crash into a ditch. Immediately after the accident, Liz looks over and finds that Max is unconscious, having hit his head on the steering wheel. Max is taken to the hospital, with a worried Liz by his side.

Back at school, Michael runs into Maria, and they seem uncomfortable after the passionate kiss they had shared, and Maria accuses Michael of avoiding her. Just then, Liz calls Maria, and she tells her that she and Max had been in an accident, and Michael grabs the phone. A teacher informs Ms. Topolsky that Max and Liz were in an accident, and she calls one of her operatives, and tells him to get over to the hospital.

Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Isabel and Michael arrive, and they all realize that they have to get the blood sample taken from Max and switch it with someone else’s. Isabel asks Liz to give some blood, but Liz says that they’ll be able to tell male blood from female blood, so Isabel says they’ll need to find a guy, and Liz calls Maria to get Alex to donate. Michael then sneaks into the blood lab to find the vial containing Max’s blood sample, and he observes Topolsky’s operative searching for the vial as well, but the operative is interrupted by the attending nurse before he can find the vial. Back in Max’s hospital room, Isabel takes a blood sample from Alex, and Michael uses his charm to distract the attending nurse while Liz switches the blood samples. In the hospital waiting room, Liz tells Alex that maybe he should go home, and Michael brusquely orders him to go home, and Alex leaves, clearly hurt. Liz follows him, and tells him that things are complicated, and finally, to get him to stop asking questions, she tells Alex that Max is in drugs, and Alex leaves, not fully believing her. I felt bad for Alex at this point, as it’s very obvious that he cares about Liz as a friend a great deal, and he’s clearly crushed that she’s excluding him from her confidence. Max wakes up, and he introduces Liz to his mother, and he tells his mother and the attending physician that he feels fine and wants to go home. They all leave, but Michael goes back to retrieve Maria’s purse, and he discovers two of Topolsky’s operatives in Max’s room. Michael goes back and tells a wary Max and Isabel what he had discovered, and that they have to figure out who their enemy is. One of Topolsky’s operatives reports to her and indicates that he thought that Max’s blood was switched. Back at school, Alex talks to a hostile Kyle, who echoes his own sentiments about how much Liz has changed. In an intriguing game of cat and mouse, Max and Liz set up the agent that is following them, and Maria, Michael and Liz follow him to his hotel room. In a series of amusing exchanges where affection is masked by sarcastic banter between Maria and Michael, they discover a phone number and call it, and Ms. Topolsky answers. Back at school, the ever wily and devious Ms. Topolsky sits and talks to Alex, and she slips something into his drink, and she tells him in her usual insidious way that she “knows what he did for Max.” Before she can wheedle any information out of him, though, Liz interrupts them, and she tells Alex to stop by her office later. Liz talks to Alex, and she asks him to keep their secret. Alex’s nose starts bleeding thanks to the drug that Topolsky had slipped into his drink, and he rushes off to the bathroom , and stops the blood with a tissue, which he throws into the garbage can. He then leaves, and Topolsky comes along and takes the tissue from the garbage. Back at the Crash Down Café, in a very amusing “he said, she said,” scene, Michael tells Max and Isabel, and Maria tells Liz, the story of how they discovered that Ms. Topolsky is the spy in their midst. As they individually relate their story, they each give themselves full credit for the discovery, and they discount the role that the other person played, in a clear indication, through their very denial, of the growing affection that they have for one another. Alex goes to see Ms. Topolsky, and she indicates that she knows he gave blood and lied for Max, and that she can “help” him. She tells him that she wants him to write down everything he knows and sign it. Alex then leaves, clearly troubled. Max then talks to Alex, and thanks him for “saving his life,” and Alex tells Max that Topolsky already knows about him and wants him to write a statement about what happened, but he doesn’t indicate whether or not he had, in fact, done what Topolsky asked.

Alex goes to see Liz at the Crash Down Café at her request, and she tries to salvage their friendship, and she asks him to believe in her and trust her, even though she can’t tell him what he needs to know, and that she’s on the right side. Liz and Alex then set up Topolsky, and they discover that she works for the FBI. Topolsky leaves, but before she does, she warns them that they’re playing games with something very dangerous, and she says that she was “on their side.” She then ominously warns Liz that she hopes that Max doesn’t “end up in the wrong hands” without her there. In a poignant final scene, Alex delivers an ultimatum to Liz that their friendship is over unless she tells him the truth, but Liz sadly informs him that she can’t tell him, so he walks off, crestfallen, leaving Liz to reflect on the choices she’s made

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