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Roswell Season 1 Episode 9


This episode opens up during a heat wave, and Liz is doing the books and Maria is cleaning up at the Crash Down. Suddenly, Michael appears at the door, and Maria opens it, and they passionately embrace while being surreptitiously observed by Liz.

At school, Liz observes the effect of the heat wave, as many people are “coupled” up, including Kyle and Vicky Delaney, his apparent new girlfriend. Vicky invites Liz to a party that is being held at a deserted soap factory that weekend, and Liz accepts, much to Kyle’s dismay. Suddenly, Liz observes Sheriff Valenti talking to Alex. Valenti then questions Alex about Ms. Topolsky, who has apparently disappeared. Liz then goes to report this to Max, and that she hasn’t been able to talk to Alex about it. She then asks Max if he’s noticed anything different about Michael’s behavior lately, and Max expresses alarm about the possibility of Michael and Maria “hooking up,” much to Liz’s disappointment.

At the school Sheriff Valenti runs into Amy DeLuca, Maria’s mother, who had been summoned to school by Ms. Topolsky. She reacts in a simultaneously hostile and interested way in him, and it is very obvious that there is some type of history between them. Liz runs into Alex, and he expresses anger and hurt towards her, and he once again asks her to reveal her secret, and she replies that the secret isn’t hers to tell. She then asks him what he said to Valenti, and he replies that the secret isn’t his to tell. I can definitely understand the hurt that Alex feels, but I can also understand the feelings of helplessness on Liz’s part as she tries to protect Max, the person she loves, at the expense of her friendship with Alex, who is someone she cares about deeply. In the rest rooms at school, Liz and Maria, and Max and Michael talk about the escalating relationship between Michael and Maria, and Michael and Maria each talk about their feelings for the other person. Liz and Max both urge caution, and Michael and Maria both exhibit confused and conflicted feelings towards their relationship. Sheriff Valenti goes to see Amy in the Crash Down, and apologizes for arresting her years before at a protest demonstration, telling her he singled her out to be arrested because she was “cute.” Oddly enough, she appears flattered by this revelation, while saying that she’s “outraged.” On the school campus, Liz talks to Isabel and asks her why she’s afraid to move forward in a relationship, and Isabel replies that natural fear that anyone has to open themselves up to another person is magnified 100 times in her situation. Isabel then questions Liz about what is going on with Alex, and Liz replies that she doesn’t know, since Alex won’t talk to her or Maria. Isabel then tells Liz that she’ll “look into it,” in an obvious allusion to her ability to visit people in their dreams. That night, Isabel enters Alex’s dream, and to her great confusion and surprise, she finds out that Alex genuinely cares for her. In Alex’s dream, Alex is dressed up in a tuxedo, and he dances with the dream Isabel, and he tells her that beneath her beautiful exterior, there is a beautiful interior that she is afraid to show. This greatly disturbs the real Isabel as she observes this dream, revealing, once again, that there is a vulnerable soul beneath the seemingly apathetic front that Isabel reveals to the world as a form of self protection. Max questions Isabel about Alex’s dream, and she responds evasively, obviously afraid to reveal her own conflicted feelings, even to Max. The next scene finds Michael telling Max that his relationship with Maria is spiraling out of control. Max then goes to see Liz, and she tells him that in light of Michael and Maria’s relationship, she doesn’t understand why they can’t start a relationship. Max responds that he couldn’t bear to hurt her, and she sweetly replies that it’s not his choice, and they are about to kiss, when they’re interrupted by Liz’s teacher. Isabel then asks Alex to meet her at the party that evening, much to Alex’s bewilderment and delight. At the party, Alex meets up with Isabel, and they go and talk. During their conversation, he misinterprets her statement that she feels he can be trusted as a ploy on her part to find out what he said to Sheriff Valenti, and he walks off, angry and hurt, much to Isabel’s concern and dismay. Maria attempts to talk to Michael about why he’s been avoiding her, and he rejects her, leaving her deeply hurt. Meanwhile, Sheriff Valenti is out on a date with Amy, and it seems to be going well until he’s interrupted by a phone call, and he has to break the date, but it’s very obvious that there’s a mutual attraction between these two characters, setting the stage for some intriguing story line twists in the future. A fire starts at the party, and Sheriff Valenti uses the disturbance as an excuse to arrest Liz and Alex under the pretext that they were holding bottles of liquor that someone gave them as they rushed out. Max and Isabel are greatly concerned, and Isabel indicates that they should have told Alex the truth about them, saying that she has a “feeling about Alex,” revealing the growing attraction that she has towards this warm and kind character. In the jail, everyone who is arrested is freed except for Liz and Alex, and it is obvious that Valenti is attempting to strong arm one or both of them into revealing everything that they know. Alex expresses hostility towards Liz, and she tearfully breaks down and tells him the truth about Max, Michael and Isabel. I wish that she had also told Alex that Max had saved her life, but I was glad that she finally took Alex into her confidence. Alex is skeptical at this revelation, but he appears glad that Liz has told him the truth. Sheriff Valenti then appears, and Alex tells him off in a courageous and forthright way, threatening a lawsuit, and Valenti is forced to let them both go.

In the final scene, Liz is in her room, musing that it’s probably just as well that her and Max didn’t give in to their feelings and kiss, when suddenly Max comes to see her. He then breaks down admits his feelings towards her, and he ends his conversation by kissing her, sweetly and passionately. They then melt in each others arms in one of the most passionate and romantic embraces that I’ve ever had the pleasure to witness. Ah romance

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