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Roswell Season 2 Episode 1

"Skin and Bones"

I really enjoyed the opening scene, filled with comic irony, as we seemingly saw Max reveal his secret to the school psychiatrist, as he recounted the events of last season, and reflected on how everything in his life completely changed when he saved the life of the girl that he had always loved. As it turned out, of course, Max's "confession" was only for our benefit, but it lightened the mood, and it did an effective job of setting the stage for what was to follow.

I really enjoyed seeing how Nasedo effectively destroyed the special unit of the FBI that had come so close to exposing Max and his friends, but we also got to see that Congresswoman Whitaker has the potential to be an even more powerful enemy than anyone they had ever encountered before, and she made Agent Topolsky look like a rank amateur in comparison to her methodical determination to uncover the truth about an alien presence in Roswell. I thought it was ironic that Liz ended up working for her, but this connection will obviously lead to some very interesting possibilities in future episodes.I thought it was very ironic that Sheriff Valenti, who was so determined to expose Max and his friends last season, and who largely functioned as the "villain" in most of the episodes that he was in, is now functioning as the group's protector, but I thought that it was even more ironic that he himself fell into a trap unwittingly propelled by his deputy's determination to seek the truth about the bones that were found in the desert. I thought a very basic axiom was demonstrated when even he couldn't prevent potential disaster as the murder he had witnessed in "Destiny" came perilously close to being revealed, and for the first time in his career, he was not able to control his own department's investigation into seeking a truth which he would have preferred stay buried in the desert where the bones were found.One thing I liked about the show was how it mixed dramatic tension and humor, as Maria tried to give Max advice about Liz, while exhibiting the same behavior towards Michael that she had admonished Max for. I also thought Majandra Delfino's new hairstyle was absolutely stunning, and I hope she keeps her hair that length. I also thought that it was funny when Michael complained about the geologist "digging around in the desert" and Max telling Michael "That's what geologists do."I thought the tension between Max and Michael was palpable, as old resentments, exacerbated by the sudden urgency in their situation, came to the surface. I liked how Michael expressed his fear and vulnerability to Sheriff Valenti, and although I was saddened to see him reject Maria, I could understand why he felt compelled to do so. Right from the very beginning, it was always obvious that Michael and Max's relationship was a tenuous one at best, filled with smoldering feelings of anger and resentment, and that air of tension was magnified exponentially by the revelations the ended Season One.I liked how Isabel used her considerable charms to beguile both the geologist and the security guard to get what she wanted, and I look forward to seeing more of this often underused character this season. I wish that we could have seen Isabel use her powers more to help in this situation, instead of her feminine wiles, but I'm sure that in the future, Isabel will have a more defined role as they all struggle to survive and face a yet unseen enemy. I was sorry to see Alex play such a minor role in this episode, but hopefully, that situation will be rectified in future episodes, as I think his obvious intelligence and resourcefulness could be put to great use to aid their cause. I was impressed with the way that Max took decisive control of the situation in order to save Michael, and I'm glad that Liz was willing to help.I really enjoyed how Tess and Max combined their talents to salvage the situation with the bones that were discovered, and I was impressed with how Max used both his powers and his innate genius to age the bones, and temporarily throw suspicion off all of them, and free Michael. Obviously, Nasedo's death at the end will add to the isolation of Max and his friends, and I feel it will force Max into the leadership role that he's been so reluctant to take, as the episode ended with the dying Nasedo saying "They're among you now," and we got to witness first hand the terrible devastation a whole new enemy, the skins, could wreak on Max and his fellow "visitors" to this planet.

My heart broke for both Max and Liz as Liz did her best to distance herself from him, even to the point of lying about the special connection that she still felt when he touched her, but she feels like she can't stand in the way of his destiny, even though the special love between them was still very obviously there. I thought that the scene between them at the end was sad but sweet, as the images that we all loved came flooding back to Liz, and it recalled the love that they had for one another. I simply love Max and Liz, and I can't wait until they get back together

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