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Roswell Season 2 Episode 2

"Ask Not"

enjoyed the opening scene of the show, as all the beautiful women of Roswell danced to the music "played" by a very unique "disc jockey," Isabel Evans, who used her powers to make the compact discs play by themselves. This brief moment of sheer fun ended very quickly, however, as a distraught Max burst in and revealed that Nasedo was dead, this time for good, as even the healing rocks couldn't revive him this time, and he disintegrated into dust, a victim of the mysterious "skins," whose presence among them he revealed to Max with his dying words. This time, Max and his three fellow "visitors" faced true danger, as there was an enemy among them, who was closer than they could possibly have imagined.

It was interesting to see Kyle come back, and I enjoyed seeing the affection that Sheriff Valenti showed his son. I thought it was amusing to see Kyle quoting Buddha, much to his father's bewilderment. I also thought that the interaction between a clearly ill at ease Kyle, and a sexually provocative Tess was very interesting, as she used every means possible to embarrass Kyle, but finally, they both showed their vulnerable side, and I thought that Kyle's later kindness towards her was very touching, as he gave up his room for her.I really enjoyed seeing the way the show drew parallel's between the actions of President Kennedy, who I greatly admire, in the Cuban Missile Crisis, and Max's current situation. Max Evans, like President Kennedy before him, was suddenly thrust into a leadership role in a situation where extreme peril existed, and the choices that both men would have to make would have long-term effects that would affect the future of the very existence of their fellow inhabitants on this planet. I also thought that it was wonderful how Max, like President Kennedy before him, took into consideration advice that could have spelled disaster for everyone involved, but he ultimately followed his own council, and made the right decision and avoided killing an innocent person.I thought that it was eerie seeing Max being "stalked" by one of the "skins" and the use of slow motion heightened the tension as Max used one of his new powers to try and hunt down the being that was trying to hunt him down. I thought that Michael's always present resentment of Max and his leadership role really came to a boiling point in this episode, and it could bode trouble for the future, as Michael's disobeying orders once again put himself, and by extension, all the others, in great danger. I thought that Bertie Davis was quite an interesting, if eccentric character, and his initial paranoia and hostility towards Max, to the point of firing him, was later explained by the fact that he had apparently been kidnapped by aliens, and it was fortunate for him that Max used common sense and logic and questioned his presence, rather than following Michael and Isabel's advice to kill him, since they thought he was the "skin" that had killed Nasedo.I think Bertie should be an interesting addition to the cast, although I'm personally sorry to see Milton go. I also thought that the way that they had Max remember all the violence he had witnessed in the last year as he approached Bertie to confront him was very well done. I thought the scene between Max and Tess was really poignant, and it showed the differences between their two characters, as Tess remembered a past life where Max loved her, and wanted that to translate into their present life, but Max didn't want to acknowledge any past life, and wanted to fulfill the "destiny" of his own choosing, a destiny with his beloved Liz.I thought it was unfortunate that Maria and Liz happened upon Max and Tess talking together at the wrong time, and my heart broke for poor Liz, who is torn by her desire to not stand in the way of Max's destiny, and the obvious love that she has for him. It was interesting to see the interaction between the devious Congresswoman Whitaker and Liz, as Liz covered up for Nasedo's death by lying about "Agent Pierce," but then Congresswoman Whitaker used her insidious ways to trick Liz into revealing the name of her rival, Tess.I liked the interaction between Liz and Maria, and Maria always manages to provide some much needed comic relief to this otherwise dark and ominous show. I also liked Maria's conversation with Max, and the way it mixed hilarity with a truly heartfelt moment, as her advice to Max to follow his heart was both timely and true, in both the life and death situation he faced concerning what to do about Bertie, and what he should do about Liz. I loved Max's heartfelt words towards Liz, as he finally followed his heart, both in the situation where he faced Bertie, and when he told Liz that she was the only one that mattered to him, and that he was coming for her, and I can't wait to see these star crossed lovers get back together.

As is always the case with Roswell, however, a scene of imminent danger followed a scene of tender romance, as it was revealed that the flirty waitress Courtney was, in fact, the "skin" who had killed Nasedo, and was stalking Max and his fellow "visitors." Overall, I thought this was another excellent episode of Roswell, one that blended touching romance with true suspense, and the allusions to the parallels between the situation that Max Evans was facing, and the situation that my favorite President was facing, made it one of the most enjoyable episodes of Roswell that I've ever had the pleasure of seeing

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