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Roswell Cast List

Jason Behr as Max Evans
IMDB Profile
Max has always lived cautiously and quietly, in fear of his secret being revealed, trying not to bring any attention to himself. But along with this fear, Max possesses an overwhelming love for Liz, and this love causes him to both be attracted to her, and to resist his attraction to her. He fears the repercussions of a romance - and also, not even knowing what he is, he is unsure whether romance between them would even be safe or possible. Max is the most cautious of the alien characters, but he also has an innate trust of Liz, whom he has loved from afar from the moment he met her
Emilie de Ravin as Tess Harding
IMDB Profile
Tess appeared in Roswell in the episode "Four Square," near the end of first season. She was the new girl in school, a transfer student who moved around a lot with her father, Ed Harding, who worked as a consultant to the military. Tess is very outspoken, frank and outgoing, and she struck up an almost instant friendship with Isabel. In "Tess, Lies and Videotape" Max finds himself oddly attracted to Tess and has disturbing erotic fantasies about her. Liz is jealous of Tess and Max reavows his devotion to her, but the next thing we find is Max kissing Tess - and Liz sees them. A spy camera Liz hid in the Harding home reveals Tess using "powers" to reassemble a broken statue - she is the fourth alien! Not only that, her father, Ed Harding, turns out to be the shapeshifting Nasedo who has looked after her and watched out for the Pod Squad over the years
Brendan Fehr as Michael Guerin
IMDB Profile
Michael Guerin is in many ways the most complex character on "Roswell," and the most driven as well. Unlike Max and Isabel, he has grown up in a very unhappy environment, being bounced around from various foster homes with neglectful caretakers who have given him no support or encouragement. He lived in a trailer park with his latest foster dad, Hank, who was a mean and abusive drunk. As a result, Michael has become a complete outsider, coming close to flunking out of school despite his hidden brilliance, and trusting no one but Max and Isabel.
Majandra Delfino as Maria de Luca
IMDB Profile
Maria DeLuca is one of the most delightful characters on Roswell, for a variety of reasons. Maria brings some much-needed comic relief to the show, as her sarcastic humor and high-strung tendencies lighten up the often-somber mood of the show. Maria is a wonderfully loyal friend to Liz, and their friendship on the show is very touching and very true to life.
Shiri Appleby as Liz Parker
IMDB Profile
Liz is a complex character, very sweet and kind, but also driven to control every aspect of her existence, as exemplified by her honor roll status and the way she balances school, work, and her friendships. Liz is very smart, sensible, levelheaded and confident. Liz's best friends are Maria DeLuca and Alex Whitman. She is a wonderful and loyal friend, and a warm and giving person. Her carefully planned life is turned upside down by the discovery that the boy who saved her life, Max, is, in fact, an alien.
Katherine Heigl as Isabel Evans
IMDB Profile
In many ways, Isabel Evans is the most unknowable, but yet most intriguing, character on "Roswell." She is Max’s sister, but more importantly, his confidant and friend. In some subtle ways, she has encouraged Max in his relationship with Liz, and showed a kind side that she tried to hide behind an air of haughtiness and unapproachability. On the surface, Isabel seemed cold, aloof, and unfeeling - the unattainable, perfect, sophisticated beauty. Deep down, however, Isabel is at heart a vulnerable soul, longing to have a normal life, and to fit into the world that she calls home.
Nick Wechsler as Kyle Valenti
IMDB Profile
In the first season Kyle Valenti evolved from a good-ole-boy high school jock to someone with a major grudge against Max for taking his girlfriend Liz away from him. Kyle mixed genuine concern for Liz with an obsessive possessiveness of her. He also exhibited a calculated cruelty in his treatment of Max as his way of getting back at Liz. In many ways, he is his father’s son, methodical and relentless in his desire to "get" Max. Even when Kyle dated other girls, it seemed only aimed at trying to make Liz jealous.
William Sadler as Sheriff Valenti
IMDB Profile
Sheriff Jim Valenti (Jr.) began as the villain of "Roswell," relentlessly employing any means to find out the "truth" about Max. Sheriff Valenti has proved himself able and willing to use threats, imprisonment and other abuses of his power as a law enforcement officer to try and coerce whatever information he can out of all the major characters. Sheriff Valenti is also intelligent and resourceful
Colin Hanks as Alex Whitman
IMDB Profile
Alex Charles Whitman is the male best friend on "Roswell" to Liz and Maria. He is the computer geek and not terribly cool, although he has a band (Colin plays bass guitar) and his own personal style. He is a very nervous, warm, and funny guy and a loyal friend. He was kept 'out of the loop' of the alien secret for a long time, driving a wedge between him and Liz and Maria, making him very angry. His friendship with them was severely tested when they chose not to reveal Max, Michael and Isabel’s secret, while asking him to do things that bordered on the illegal. Alex is extremely intelligent, but also sensitive, and is completely loyal to Liz and Maria. Alex showed a lot of courage in agreeing to donate blood for Max in "Blood Brothers" without really knowing the reason why, and he used his computer skills to expose the evil Ms. Topolsky. Alex stood up to Liz at school, and faced down Sheriff Valenti when Valenti tried to coerce him and Liz into revealing what they knew about Max Evans by imprisoning them. It was one of Alex's finest hours
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