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Stargate: SG1
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Stargate: SG1 Season 5 Episode 1

"Enemies" - Part 2


SG-1 and Jacob are trapped in another galaxy with Apophis. Jacob contacts Apophis and then Apophis wants to destroy them but Daniel says that they surrender but he says it's too late. Apophis's ship fires and misses, or so they think, he's actually firing at another ship that was behind SG-1's mothership and then the other ship attempts to destroy Apophis's while SG-1 moves their ship into the Cronosphere of a Blue giant to use the radiation to block the sensors of Apophis and the other ship from detecting them but the disadvantage is that SG-1's ship's sensors don't work either.

SG-1's ship emerges from the chronosphere to find that Apophis's ship is the only one their and that there where no life signs on Apophis's ship. They ring aboard and find that the ship is in self-destruct mode and all the Jaffa are dead. Jack sees a Replicator and then they discover that Apophis's ship is infested with them Jacob knows that also. SG-1 blasts their way through the Replicators to the rings and beams back to Cronus's ship. Apophis's ship blows up and SG-1 survives the blast. A cargo ship is approaching the mothership, SG-1 contacts it to find that it is Teal'c but other life-forms are picked up on the sensors, Teal'c says that they are Jaffa who have decided to join the fight against the Goa'uld. SG-1 lets him on When they meat Teal'c, Teal'c takes O'Neil's gun and then the other Jaffa come then Apophis comes aboard. He has brainwashed Teal'c into believing that he is still First Prime to Apophis. They place SG-1 in a room in the lower level of the Ship because the lower levels where damaged. The Jaffa begin unloading the contents of the cargo ship. Jacob is sneaking around in order to free SG-1. Apophis has brought a replicator on board Cronus's ship from the cargo from Apophis's ship. O'Neil has Carter try to open the door by messing with the wires in the room they're in. Jacob opens the door but just before they could escape Teal'c & the Jaffa come in and have them put back in. Teal'c shoots the control panel on the inside with a staff weapon which causes it to not work. Later the door opens about 1/4 the way and a replicator enters. Jack tries to escape but decides not no when the whole Hallway is filled with them, they must be careful not to threaten it or else it will attack. Apophis decides to escape when he discovers the replicators, the Jaffa try to shoot the replicators with Staff weapons and Zats but of course they fail to destroy them. Apophis goes to the peltac and puts the ship in hyperspace while the Jaffa try to defeat the replicators. Carter discovers that the ship is going 10 times faster than normal then it goes up to as much as 800 times faster than normal. The ship is heading to Sokar's old planet, which is where Apophis got all his new powers. SG-1 captures Teal'c and brings him aboard the Cargo ship. The Replicators are the reason that the engines are going faster than normal; they are supplying the ship with extra energy. When the ship comes out of hyperspace it will land on Sokar's planet, Jacob thinks that is good but Carter knows it's not because the replicators are so bad that not even the Asgard can destroy them so the new plan is to blow the sub-light engines which come on after the ship exit's hyperspace they slow it down just like the Asgard ships which can't stand an uncontrolled re-entry. When it exit's hyperspace SG-1 uses a P-90 at close range to Take out the crystals, which power the sub-light engines. The ship cannot stop now, it will crash into the planet. After that the replicators chase after SG-1 heads to the cargo ship which Jacob has waiting for them. They head toward the cargo ship bay but Jacob already has it depressurized so he has to ring them in. They shoot their way through the hallways but the hallway they need to go through is infested with replicators so the must blast their way through them. They beam aboard the ship and when they are about to get out the replicators are closing the cargo bay doors, Jacob has to hurry out before they close completely he gets out but gets part of it damages from the escape. Meanwhile, Apophis is in the Peltac with his shield around him, which has saved him so far from the replicators. He notices that the ship is heading directly to his planet. The ship crashes and he finally dies. Now SG-1 has to find a way to make Teal'c "Good" again.

(To Be Continued)

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