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The 100
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The 100 - S02E01 - The 48  
S02E01 - The 48
An enemy returns in the Season 2 premiere. Later, Jaha makes a heroic decision.
The 100 - S02E02 - Inclement Weather  
S02E02 - Inclement Weather
Clarke confronts Dante Wallace (Raymond J. Barry). Meanwhile, Kane interrogates one of the 100; and Abby performs emergency surgery.
The 100 - S02E03 - Reapercussions  
S02E03 - Reapercussions
Clarke gains an unlikely ally. Later, Abby confesses to committing a crime.
The 100 - S02E04 - Many Happy Returns  
S02E04 - Many Happy Returns
Clarke is betrayed by someone she trusted. Meanwhile, Bellamy, Finn and Murphy (Richard Harmon) race to save a stranger; and tensions rise between Raven and Wick (Steve Talley).
The 100 - S02E05 - Human Trials  
S02E05 - Human Trials
Kane attempts to make peace with the Grounders, an emergency causes Jasper to enter a risky medical procedure, and the search for Clarke leads Finn to some violent actions.
The 100 - S02E06 - Fog of War  
S02E06 - Fog of War
Clarke heads with a group to Mount Weather to try and shut down their radio jamming tower. Bellamy and Octavia get into a dangerous encounter Lincoln.
The 100 - S02E07 - Long Into an Abyss  
S02E07 - Long Into an Abyss
A dangerous secret is revealed by Bellamy and Octavia.
The 100 - S02E08 - Spacewalker  
S02E08 - Spacewalker
Clarke returns to Camp Jaha with troubling news. Meanwhile, Finn struggles with the aftermath of his actions.
The 100 - S02E09 - Remember Me  
S02E09 - Remember Me
Clarke strikes a deal with Lexa and Indra. Meanwhile, an alliance is threatened; and Monty comes up with a risky plan.
The 100 - S02E10 - Survival of the Fittest  
S02E10 - Survival of the Fittest
Lexa and Indra decide to make a deal with Clarke. As an alliance falls apart, Monty must enact a dangerous plan.
The 100 - S02E11 - Coup de Grace  
S02E11 - Coup de Grace
Brutal consequences are faced by Bellamy and Lincoln. Meanwhile, Abby fights to stay in control; and Jasper confronts President Wallace.
The 100 - S02E12 - Rubicon  
S02E12 - Rubicon
The tension between Clarke and Abby comes to a head after Clarke crosses the line. Octavia fights for someone she loves while Raven helps Bellamy navigate Mount Weather. Jaha and Murphy encounter a stranger who may not be what they seem to be.
The 100 - S02E13 - Resurrection  
S02E13 - Resurrection
Lexa's leadership decisions are questioned by Clarke. Meanwhile, Abby struggles to help an injured Kane.
The 100 - S02E14 - Bodyguard of Lies  
S02E14 - Bodyguard of Lies
Bellamy fights against time to save his friends. While getting ready for battle, Lexa and Clarke argue about what to do next.
The 100 - S02E15 - Blood Must Have Blood, Part 1  
S02E15 - Blood Must Have Blood, Part 1
A major setback halts Wick and Raven's plans. Jasper and Maya are witnesses to a horrible act.
The 100 - S02E16 - Blood Must Have Blood, Part 2  
S02E16 - Blood Must Have Blood, Part 2
Cage's stubborn refusal to release the captive ark members and his unwillingness to begin negotiations towards a peaceful resolution forces Clarke to make a drastic and difficult decision. Meanwhile, Chancellor Jaha reaches his goal; and discovers it is not at all what he expected.
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