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Torchwood Season 3 Episode 2

"Children of Earth - Day Two"


Following the explosion at the hub which has seemingly seen it completely destroyed, leaving a massive crater in the ground, Ianto and Gwen are being pursued by an unknown enemy force who are trying to kill them. Gwen heads home and gets Rhys out of bed in a bid to flee for their lives. They just manage to escape in their car after Gwen shoots out the tyres of pursuing Land Rovers. Gwen determines that their car is traceable and so persuades Rhys to abandon it. They steal away in a lorry packed with potatoes and head for London where Gwen thinks she will be able to find some answers.

Meanwhile Ianto is observing the goings on at the hole in the ground that used to be the hub from the rook of a nearby building. He sees what he suspects bits of Jack’s body taken away in a private ambulance and takes a note of the number plate. After getting hold of a laptop from his sister he traces the ambulance and turns up at the military base where Jack is proving to be not as dead as the numerous bits of him would have you believe. After witnessing his re-generation, Johnson, the woman in charge of the military operation that managed to get to Jack has him locked in a bunker into which she pours what looks like concrete, stating that she may not be able to kill him, but she can at least contain him.

Gwen and Rhys try to get in touch with Frobisher, their man in the government but their call is taken by Lois Habiba, the new girl. She has heard too many things pointing in the direction of the government not exactly doing the right thing and although she agrees to setup a meeting between Torchwood and Frobisher, she actually turns up herself to tell Torchwood what she has learned. This leads Gwen to attempt a rescue of Jack with Rhys in tow. Just as it looks like they are caught, Ianto comes to rescue with a huge forklift truck coming in through the wall and taking away the block of concrete which has become Jack’s new overcoat.

The team make good their escape and Ianto drops the concrete block off a cliff in a nearby quarry, which results in Jack being released from his concrete tomb

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