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Torchwood Season 3 Episode 3

"Children of Earth - Day Three"


Ok, so the team are back together although Jack doesn’t like the tracksuit bottoms and t-shirt he has been forced to wear. Ianto breaks into a huge building which turns out to have once been a holding station for Torchwood but was decommissioned in the 90’s. Essentially, this building which looks a bit like an aircraft hangar is now The Hub version 2. The team pool their resources but they don’t really have much between them. As an ex police officer and because they seem to be being treated as criminals at the moment, Gwen decides that the only way they can get back to being effective is to turn to crime. A few credit cards, a laptop and a porsche boxster later they are up and running again.

Meanwhile, the children have started chanting again but instead of the standard ‘we are coming’ message, it turns into ‘we are here’. This coincides with a column of fire over Thames House in London through which it seems an alien life form has been transported into a specially constructed holding cell complete with special atmosphere that the goverment has been secretly putting together ready for the arrival of an alien species called the 456. This is a reference to the radio frequency they have been using to communicate with Earth. They have been called this ever since their first visit in 1965.

The aliens initially demand to be allowed to talk to everyone on the planet, but Frobisher convinces them that the way things are communicated on Earth is through elected officials (although he isn’t one and has been forced into the position of point man by the Prime Minister). He also convinces the alien representative to help cover up their previous visit in 1965. Frobisher then sets up a committee of representatives from all parts of the globe to be in on the diplomatic negotiations with the aliens.

Lois, the new ‘woman on the inside’ for Torchwood is persuaded to wear a special pair of contact lenses which allows Gwen and Ianto who now also have Clement McDonald in tow (the little boy who ran away from the incident in 1965) to see everything that happens in the room where the negotiations take place. A tranlsation program on a computer can read lips and so they also get everything that is being said when Lois is looking at the speaker. She uses shorthand on a notepad to relate what the alien says in return. Everything seems to be going swimmingly until the alien asks for a gift. All they want is 10% of the World’s children.

At that moment Jack returns to the hub and Clement says that he was there in 1965 when the other children were told to ‘walk into the light’. Jack admits that he was there and that they had made a gift of ten children to the 456.

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