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Torchwood Season 3 Episode 4

"Children of Earth - Day Four"


The government discusses the request from the 456 for 10% of the World’s children. They decide on a counter offer and offer 1 child for every million people, which would work out to 60 children from the UK alone. The 456 states that this is unacceptable and suddenly the children start chanting again. This time they are chanting numbers which turn out to be differenet in every country this time. However, it soon becomes apparent that the numbers represent 10% of that country’s child population.

The UK government setup a COBRA meeting and Lois manages to get into it along with Frobisher so that Torchwood can be in on the discussions. COBRA starts to try and determine that as they seem to have no choice but to comply how they would choose the 10%. Age? Alphabetically? Second born etc etc etc, until someone decides that the ones that should go should be the underachievers. The ones that don’t do well at school and so Frobisher is asked to come up with a plan to make it happen, but that they want to know what will happen to the children. The 456 invites the cameraman inside the chamber who dons a NBC suit and enters to film the creature. As the camerman gets closer instruments start to detect not two, but three heartbeats in the chamber. The third belongs to one of the children from 1965 who seems to not have aged but also seems to be integral to the 456 creature. It seems they need to children to keep them alive.

The members of Torchwood cannot believe what they are witnessing and start to put together a plan of action. As all the secret meetings have been recorded through the eyes of Lois, Rhys is sent of with a laptop and the damning recordings with instructions to release them to the World if the plan fails. Ianto and Jack head for Thames House to confront the 456 while Lois breaks the news to the Prime Minister that Torchwood have the recordings and so Jack should be allowed access. Gwen in the meantime is located after a call between her and Ianto is traced, but after seeing the recordings even Johnson doesn’t have the heart to attack Gwen and Clem who is still with Torchwood in Hub 2. However, he doesn’t last long as the 456 have sensed his presense and send signals to him the end in his death.

Back in the chamber with the 456 Jack and Ianto confront them and tell them that Earth will not sacrifice its children. The 456 start to repeat over and over that they complied before, referring the event in 1965. When Jack says that this is not negotiable, the 456 release a virus inside Thames House which automatically locks itself down sealing everyone inside. As scenes of panic ensue as people try to leave the building they start falling down dead. The last to go are Ianto and Jack. Ianto dies in Jack’s arms and then Jack dies as well. Again.

Later Gwen makes her way to Thames House and locates their bodies in a make shift morgue. Ianto looks decidedly grey and dead whereas, true to form Jack comes round and sits with Gwen next to Ianto’s body.

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