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Star Trek
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Star Trek: The Original Series Season 1

Episode 6 "Mudd's Women"

Stardate 1329.1: The Enterprise is pursuing an unidentified vessel which is overloading its engines in an effort to avoid capture. It enters an asteroid field, and Kirk decides to extend the ship's deflector screen around the helpless cargo vessel until the crew can be beamed aboard. While doing so, three of the four lithium crystals which power the Enterprise burn out and force the ship to seek replacement crystals on Rigel XII. Meanwhile, Kirk convenes a hearing where the captain of the cargo ship, Harcort Fenton "Harry" Mudd, and his "cargo," three women on their way to marry settlers, are investigated for their actions. Mudd's illegal activities are discovered along with his long list of past offenses. Mudd's women are not charged with a crime, but unfortunately for them Kirk's only concern is his ship and the replacement crystals and not what will happen to the women. When the Enterprise approaches Rigel XII, Mudd makes an unauthorized transmission to the miners and arranges a deal in which the three women will be exchanged for the crystals and the dropping of all charges against him. After seeing the women the miners agree, but Kirk refuses to comply and holds out until his ship nears a point in which it must have the crystals to keep from spiraling into the atmosphere. When Kirk finally agrees the head miner, Ben Childress, becomes more interested with Eve than with the fate of the Enterprise and makes Kirk wait until his ship is on the last few hours of emergency power. Eve, who has by this time become critical of Mudd and his buying and selling of the women, runs away. When Childress brings her back to the camp he learns that the women have been "pumped up" by the illegal Venus drug which makes the women more beautiful. By this time, Magda and Ruth have already married the other miners which angers Childress who now sees Harry's con. Childress turns Harry over to Kirk and allows access to the lithium crystals. With Kirk's help, Childress learns that Eve can be beautiful without the crystals, someone to care for him instead of being a useless pretty face
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