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Star Trek
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Star Trek: The Original Series Season 2

Episode 4 "Mirror, Mirror"

Stardate not given: Kirk and a small landing party are trying to negotiate with the Halkans for Federation rights to mine dilithium crystals on their planet, but the ultra-peaceful Halkans are very reluctant to allow a mining treaty. When an ion storm arrives Kirk decides to return to the Enterprise until the storm passes, but just as Scott beams up the landing party the transporter malfunctions, sending Kirk, Scott, McCoy, and Uhura into an alternate universe and aboard the Imperial Starship Enterprise. Fortunately for them, none of the I.S.S. Enterprise crew notice any difference in the returning landing party. However, they soon realizes that in this mirror universe the Federation has been replaced by a Galactic Empire which holds its position through the use of terror and force. Even though the Halkans are just as peaceful in this universe, Kirk has been ordered to annihilate them if they do not comply with the Empire's demands. The crew expects him to decimate the Halkans immediately, but Kirk hesitates and then gives the Halkans 12 hours to comply which arouses the suspicions of Spock-2. After leaving the bridge Kirk is confronted by an ambitious Chekov-2 who attempts to assassinate Kirk for failing to follow imperial procedure, but his attempt is foiled by one of Chekov-2's henchman who decides to switch sides at the last moment. Imperial Starfleet sends Spock-2 secret orders to kill Kirk and proceed against the Halkans, but Spock-2 decides to warn Kirk of his orders and force the captain into killing the Halkans. Meanwhile, aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise, Spock realizes that something is wrong and orders the mirror universe landing party into the brig until he can figure out what has happened. Aboard the Imperial Enterprise, Kirk and Scotty work out a plan to use the ship's power to create conditions necessary to beam back to their own universe. Kirk manages to avoid potential trouble; Marlena-2, an ambitious captain's woman who knows how to use Kirk-2's secret weapon, the Tantalus Field, and Security Officer Sulu-2 who attempts to assassinate Kirk and Spock-2 and become the ship's captain. Spock-2 finally figures out what's happening and after being persuaded to help the U.S.S. Enterprise crew get back to their own universe, he operates the transporter during the beaming process. As he leaves, Kirk tries to convince Spock-2 to replace Kirk-2 as captain of the I.S.S. Enterprise, to spare the Halkans, and to work towards a more logical and less wasteful society in his own universe
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