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Star Trek
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Star Trek: The Original Series Season 2

Episode 13 "Obsession"

Stardate 3619.2: While confirming a rich supply of di-kronium on Argus X, Kirk notices a sickly sweet smell in the air and sends a security team to investigate. Soon after, two of the men are dead from causes that Kirk has seen before. Years ago, when Kirk served aboard the U.S.S. Farragut, a mysterious cloud creature killed half of the crew, including the captain, by draining the blood from their bodies, and now Kirk believes that this is the same creature. He beams down again, but this time with a larger security force led by Ensign Garrovick, the son of Kirk's former commanding officer on the Farragut. The Ensign sees the creature but is caught off guard and delays firing his phaser. Two more men die, and Kirk blames Garrovick for their deaths. Despite orders to deliver medical supplies to Theta VII, Kirk is determined to pursue and destroy the creature. At this point, Spock and McCoy grow concerned about Kirk's obsession with the creature's destruction and then learn that, just like Garrovick, the young Lt. Kirk froze and delayed firing at the cloud creature and blames himself for the deaths aboard the Farragut. When the cloud leaves Argus X the Enterprise follows, but the creature is capable of speeds greater than the ship and Kirk is forced to back off. But suddenly, the cloud turns and attacks and enters the ship through an impulse vent, killing three crewmen until encountering Spock and his bad-tasting green blood. Scotty uses reverse pressure in the vents and manages to force the cloud out of the Enterprise. The cloud heads for Tycho IV, and Spock's analysis indicates that it will reproduce there, possibly creating thousands of creatures like itself. When the Enterprise arrives, Kirk and Garrovick beam down with a bottle of blood plasma and an antimatter bomb. Before they realize it, the cloud takes the blood which forces Kirk and Garrovick to act as bait. When the cloud approaches, Kirk orders the bomb detonated just as they beam back to the ship. Spock employs his transporter skills to save the two men, and the cloud creature is presumed to be destroyed in the blast
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