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Star Trek
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Star Trek: The Original Series Season 2

Episode 14 "Wolf in the Fold"

Stardate 3614.9: To further his recovery from a head injury, Scott is escorted down to the planet Argelius II where Kirk and McCoy help him to relax by visiting a cabaret. There, Scott becomes interested in a dancer, Kara, and leaves the club with her. The captain and doctor leave the club as well, but after hearing screams they rush into an alley where they find Kara dead and a dazed Scott holding a blood-stained dagger. Despite the evidence, Scott claims to have no memory of the incident. Because Scott's head injury was caused by a female, McCoy begins to wonder if Scott has developed a subconscious anger towards women. The local authority, Commissioner Hengist from Rigel IV, is convinced of Scott's guilt and wants to end the matter immediately. Kirk tells Jaris, the prefect of Argelius, that the computers on the Enterprise would be able to find the truth and manages to gain permission to beam down a specialist, Lieutenant Tracy, to run a psychotricorder scan on Scott. While running the scan Lt. Tracy is found stabbed to death with Scott holding the same bloody dagger. Jaris calls for his psionic wife, Sybo, in order to solve the mystery, but during the ceremony she too is killed and once again the only suspect is Scott. Kirk convinces Jaris to move the investigation to the Enterprise, and it is there while under the scrutiny of the ship's computers that Scott's claims of amnesia are verified. With further aid from the computers, Spock discovers that the real killer is Jack the Ripper who, in its real form, is actually a noncorporeal entity that feeds on the fear of its victims. The creature has been hiding in the body of Hengist, and after it is discovered it flees into the Enterprise computer banks. Spock counters by giving the computer an impossible math problem to solve, forcing the entity from the computer. To keep the crew from being terrified, McCoy tranquilizes everyone which forces the entity back into Hengist's drugged body. Kirk immediately has Hengist's body transported into space at maximum dispersal where the entity will eventually die of starvation
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