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Star Trek
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Star Trek: The Original Series Season 3

Episode 9 "The Tholian Web"

Stardate 5693.2: The Enterprise arrives at the last known position of the U.S.S. Defiant (NCC-1764), an area of uncharted space, to search for the missing starship. When the Defiant appears on the viewing screen enshrouded in a strange green glow, Spock is unable to scan the vessel on his sensors. Kirk beams over to the Defiant with a boarding party to investigate and finds the entire crew dead. What's more, the Defiant seems to be trapped in an interphase between two different universes. A power loss partially disables the Enterprise transporter, but the landing party manages to beam back to the Enterprise except Kirk who suddenly disappears along with the Defiant. Spock calculates that the next time to interphase will be approximately two hours, and that the captain can be rescued at that time. As the Enterprise begins to experience the same problems that doomed the Defiant: power loss, weakness and insanity among the crew, an alien vessel appears and demands that they leave Tholian territory or be destroyed. Spock explains that they are involved in rescue operations and requests that they stand by until the next interphase. The Tholians agree to wait, but when the next interphase occurs, the captain cannot be recovered due to the disturbance in space caused by the Tholian intrusion. The Tholian ship opens fire on the Enterprise, and when Spock returns fire the Enterprise manages to disable the Tholian vessel but at the cost of a further power loss and growing insanity among the crew. Another Tholian vessel appears, and together they begin construction on an energy web designed to capture the Enterprise. Spock declairs the captain dead and urges hurried repairs to the Enterprise before the Tholians complete their web. But once Kirk is seen by the bridge crew still trapped in interphase, Spock determines that they might still be able to recover him during the next interphase which will occur just as the Tholians will be completing the web. The Enterprise manages to disappear into interphase and reappear several parsecs from Tholian territory. Kirk is beamed aboard unharmed after being pulled to safety in the ship's transporter field
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