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Tru Calling
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Tru Calling Season 1 Episode 14

"Daddy's Girl"

Meredith, Tru, and Harrison meet in a restaurant. Meredith invited Jordan Davies, their step-mother. Jordan asks them not to be mad at Mer (as she calls Meredith) and that she is here because she wants to offer their father something special for their father who's turning 50. What she wants his Richard to spend his birthday with his kids, from both marriages. Harrison and Tru are really not thrilled. Meredith seems in on this with Jordan as she knows a lot about the gathering which is scheduled that night. Jordan tells them that they don't have to bring gifts, only showing up will be enough. Tru mentions that she would have liked her father to show up for her 10 last birthdays... Later, when reliving the day, Tru is in a bakery with Jordan choosing a cake. She inquires about if Jordan will meet someone before going back to the hotel where the gathering is supposed to be held. But Tru sees that Jordan loves her father even though the man only let one woman really get to know him and that was Tru's mother. Later that day, Tru and Jordan walk in a park. Tru looks everywhere as she doesn't want to save Jordan from the attack that is going to leave her dead. A man approaches and Tru fights him... he gets a good look of Tru's face and slowly smiles then leaves. Tru recognizes him and thinks he may be the same man who killed her mother. Tru talks with her father about Jordan and she says that she may have saved Jordan but she is not about to forget the past (she thinks that her father had an affair with Jordan). Richard tells Tru that long overdued story of him and Jordan. The story will also reveal to Tru a secret life her mother was having, a Calling. That evening, Tru will go to the birthday party where she'll discover that the man who attacked Jordan in the park is a guest... will Tru learn the truth about her mother's death? Davis interviews a man named Jack for a job at the morgue. Harrison and Davis talk about Tru's gift
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