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The Flash Season 7 Trailer

This may seem a little strange, as although filming has not yet started on The Flash‘s 7th season, a trailer has already landed. How is that possible I hear you ask.

Well, we don’t know for certain but we are speculating that it has been made possible by how season 6 was affected by the Covid-19 epidemic. As the epidemic hit and production of tv series and movies ground to a halt, The Flash had its season cut short. Wheras previously all previous seasons had been 22 or 23 episodes long, season 6 was only 19. However, a lot of footage had already been shot and so this has probably been used as part of a reworked set of season 7 opening episodes, hence the ability to put a trailer together.

No firm date has yet been released for season 7 of The Flash but its probably going to start showing in January 2021. In the meantime enjoy the trailer below.

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