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War of the Worlds Season 2 Begins Filming

The moody and atmospheric War of the Worlds, premiered in the UK at the beginning of 2020 and follows the lives of disparate groups of people that survive an attack by aliens that all but wipes out mankind.

It was pretty much an open secret that a second season was on its way, but then the Covid-19 pandemic hit and the filming of TV shows all but ground to a halt.

However, with new protocols in place in Newport, Wales, where the show is filmed, production of the second season got underway on 13 July 2020, with a number of other shows waiting to see whether or not the new protocols that War of the Worlds has put in place such as social distancing, the wearing of masks for the crew, regular temperature checks and the use of hand sanitiser will be enough.

Set in the UK and France a tense fightback for control of the planet is on the horizon and we will see what happens when season two hits our screens in the UK on Fox.

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