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The long night has come, the System’s Commonwealth- the greatest civilisation in history- has fallen, but now one ship and crew have vowed to drive back the night and rekindle the light of civilisation.

On the starship, Andromeda hope lives again…

The Commonwealth spanned three galaxies and a myriad of cultures. Dylan Hunt, captain of the starship Andromeda, betrayed by his allies was frozen in time and awoke three centuries later to find the Commonwealth had fallen. To fight back the chaos among the stars, Hunt must use the Andromeda to restore the Commonwealth and bring unity to the galaxy once again.

Andromeda Series Overview

SeasonEpisodesFirst Aired
1 – [Episode Guide]2214 May 2001
2 – [Episode Guide]2218 May 2002
3 – [Episode Guide]2212 May 2003
4 – [Episode Guide]2217 May 2004
5 – [Episode Guide]2213 May 2005

Andromeda Cast List

Kevin SorboKevin SorboCaptain Dylan Hunt110 Episodes, 2000 – 2005
Lisa RyderLisa RyderBeka Valentine109 Episodes, 2000 – 2005
Laura BertramLaura BertramTrance Gemini109 Episodes, 2000 – 2005
Gordon Michael WoolvettGordon Michael WoolvettSeamus Harper110 Episodes, 2000 – 2005
Lexa DoigLexa DoigAndromeda Ascendant109 Episodes, 2000 – 2005
Keith Hamilton CobbKeith Hamilton CobbTyr Anasazi72 Episodes, 2000 – 2005
Steve BacicSteve BacicTelemachus Rhade46 Episodes, 2000 – 2005
Brent StaitBrent StaitRev Bem40 Episodes, 2000 – 2005
Brandy LedfordBrandy LedfordDoyle20 Episodes, 2004 – 2005
Jim ByrnesJim ByrnesVirgil Fox13 Episodes, 2004 – 2005

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