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Babylon 5 is a five-mile-long space station located in neutral space. Built by the Earth Alliance in the 2250s, its goal is to maintain peace among the various alien races by providing a sanctuary where grievances and negotiations can be worked out among duly appointed ambassadors. A council made up of representatives from the five major space-faring civilizations – the Earth Alliance, Minbari Federation, Centauri Republic, Narn Regime, and Vorlon Empire – work with the League of Non-Aligned Worlds to keep interstellar relations under control. Aside from its diplomatic function, Babylon 5 also serves as a military post for Earth and a port of call for travellers, traders, businessmen, criminals, and Rangers.

A floating city home to a quarter of a million humans and aliens is bound to experience problems; Babylon 5 has problems in abundance. Its senior staff of Earth Alliance officers – along with the most prominent members of the diplomatic community – deal with personal problems, cultural differences, threats to station security, and interstellar crises on a regular basis. Old prejudices and unresolved issues leftover from the Earth-Minbari War and the Centauri occupation of Narn led to unexpected developments. Pro-Human groups and a corrupt government make the Earth of the future far from paradise. Telepaths seek refuge from the militant Psi Corps while the Mars colony desires support in its bid for independence. And then there is the growing presence of Shadows in regions close by and on the Outer Rim of known space. Fate has decreed that Babylon 5 be crucial to deciding the outcome of all of these conflicts.

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Babylon 5 Overview

SeasonEpisodesFirst Aired
1 – [Episode Guide]2222 February 1993
2 – [Episode Guide]222 November 1994
3 – [Episode Guide]226 November 1995
4 – [Episode Guide]224 November 1996
5 – [Episode Guide]2221 January 1998

Babylon 5 Cast List

Mira FurlanMira FurlanDelenn111 Episodes, 1993 – 1998
Richard BiggsRichard BiggsDr Stephen Franklin110 Episodes, 1994 – 1998
Stephen FurstStephen FurstVir Cotto110 Episodes, 1994 – 1998
Andreas KatsulasAndreas KatsulasG’Kar111 Episodes, 1993 – 1998
Peter JurasikPeter JurasikLondo Mollari111 Episodes, 1993 – 1998
Jerry DoyleJerry DoyleMichael Garibaldi111 Episodes, 1993 – 1998
Bill MumyBill MumyLennier111 Episodes, 1994 – 1998
Bruce BoxleitnerBruce BoxleitnerCaptain John Sheridan88 Episodes, 1994 – 1998
Claudia ChristianClaudia ChristianCommander Susan Ivanova87 Episodes, 1994 – 1998
Jeff ConawayJeff ConawayZack Allan74 Episodes, 1994 – 1998

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