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S01E01No More Good Days – 28 September 2009
Flash Forward - S01E01 - No More Good DaysTwo FBI agents and all others in LA and the Earth experience a sudden 137 seconds blackout, where they see images from their future 6 months ahead. The two agents are assigned to find out what happened.
S01E02White to Play – 5 October 2009
Flash Forward - S01E02 - White to PlayFBI’s LA office has a head start on investigating the flashforward with Mark’s vision and by opening a web site. At least one man didn’t black out. Mark’s wife meets the man from her vision. A clue brings Mark to Utah.
S01E03137 Sekunden – 12 October 2009
Flash Forward - S01E03 - 137 SekundenMark flies to Germany to speak with an imprisoned Nazi war criminal claiming to know why it’s 137 “Sekunden”. Aaron wants a new DNA test of his daughter’s remains with Mark’s help.
S01E04Black Swan – 19 October 2009
Flash Forward - S01E04 - Black SwanOlivia and Bryce disagree on using a patient’s flashforward in a diagnosis. Nicole returns and her flashforward is revealed.
S01E05Gimme Some Truth – 26 October 2009
Flash Forward - S01E05 - Gimme Some TruthMark must testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee about his flashforward.
S01E06Scary Monsters and Super Creeps
Flash Forward - S01E06 - Scary Monsters and Super CreepsMark, Demetri, and Wedeck investigate attacks on Janis and themselves. Olivia confronts Mark about his flashforward. Dylan goes missing.
S01E07The Gift – 9 November 2009
Flash Forward - S01E07 - The GiftMark and co. crash a Blue Hand/ghost gathering to investigate recent suicides. Aaron meets a man who was with the daughter when she died. Demetri tells Zoey about his “vision”.
S01E08Playing Cards with Coyote – 16 November 2009
Flash Forward - S01E08 - Playing Cards with CoyoteThe discovery of a person in Mark’s flashforward impedes a romantic getaway with Olivia. Aaron discovers information about his daughter. Simon and Lloyd attempt to resolve a conflict, and Janis returns to the Bureau.
S01E09Believe – 23 November 2009
Flash Forward - S01E09 - BelieveBryce searches for his woman in Tokyo and starts learning Japanese. He flies to Tokyo. Demetri gets help tracking the phone call forewarning his murder.
S01E10A561984 – 30 November 2009
Flash Forward - S01E10 - A561984Demetri and Mark fly to Hong Kong to find the woman, who forewarned Demetri’s murder. The cause of the blackouts is made public.
S01E11Revelation Zero: Part 1 – 22 March 2010
Flash Forward - S01E11 - Revelation Zero Part 1Mark is suspended from the FBI, & Demetri must partner with Agent Vogel. Mark continues his investigation into Lloyd’s kidnapping while seeing a psychiatrist. Janis investigates Simon, who is trying to steal files from Lloyd’s computer.
S01E12Revelation Zero: Part 2 – 22 March 2010
Flash Forward - S01E12 - Revelation Zero Part 2Mark is suspended from the FBI, & Demetri must partner with Agent Vogel. Mark continues his investigation into Lloyd’s kidnapping while seeing a psychiatrist. Janis investigates Simon, who is trying to steal files from Lloyd’s computer.
S01E13Blowback – 25 March 2010
Flash Forward - S01E13 - BlowbackMark continues to grill Lloyd about their phone conversation in each other’s flashforward. Zoey is determined to alter Demetri’s fate. Aaron investigates the link between Jericho and his daughter.
S01E14Better Angels – 1 April 2010
Flash Forward - S01E14 - Better AngelsOlivia tries to get Charlie to reveal her flashforward. Bryce talks to Nicole about his cancer. Demetri, Janis, Simon, and Vogel go to Somalia to investigate the tower Simon created and discover a person who was a part of the ’91 blackout.
S01E15Queen Sacrifice – 8 April 2010
Flash Forward - S01E15 - Queen SacrificeKeiko searches for Bryce while Mark and Vogel plot to uncover the FBI mole.
S01E16Let No Put Asunder – 15 April 2010
Flash Forward - S01E16 - Let No Man Put AsunderOlivia and Lloyd grow closer. Wedeck helps Aaron infiltrate Jericho to rescue Tracy. Demetri moves up his wedding date after finding out more information about his murder.
S01E17The Garden of Forking Paths – 22 April 2010
Flash Forward - S01E17 - The Garden of Forking PathsThe FBI attempts to track down the missing Demetri. Olivia discovers who texted her about Mark’s flashforward. Alda Hertzog wants to strike a deal to tell Zoey information about Demetri’s whereabouts.
S01E18Goodbye Yellow Brick Road – 29 April 2010
Flash Forward - S01E18 - Goodbye Yellow Brick RoadAaron infiltrates an Afghan village to find Tracy. Olivia finds a person who had several flashforwards. Janis tries to cover her tracks against her fellow FBI agents before they can discover her secret.
S01E19Course Correction – 6 May 2010
Flash Forward - S01E19 - Course CorrectionDemetri investigates a murderer who is targeting people that have escaped their futures, and Mark agrees to find Simon’s sister. Nicole finds Keiko, the woman in Bryce’s flashforward. The FBI close in on Suspect Zero.
S01E20The Negotiation – 13 May 2010
Flash Forward - S01E20 - The NegotiationOn April 28th, the day before everyone’s future was revealed, Mark must protect Gabriel, Aaron mounts a rescue attempt to retrieve Tracy, and Janis is ordered to kill a fellow FBI agent.
S01E21Countdown – 20 May 2010
Flash Forward - S01E21 - CountdownMark interrogates Hellinger about the next blackout. Aaron discovers Tracy’s link to Jericho. Lloyd figures out the equation in his flash-forward, Demetri debates helping Janis and Simon break into NLAP.
S01E22Future Shock – 27 May 2010
Flash Forward - S01E22 - Future ShockMark finds out the date of the next blackout, and Demetri and Simon attempt to stop it. Everyone discovers if the visions they had of the future actually come true.

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