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Stranger Things Season 1 Episode Guide

“Stranger Things” season 1 was released on Netflix in July 2016. The season follows the disappearance of Will Byers and the investigation led by his friends and family. Along the way, they uncover strange supernatural events and a mysterious girl with psychokinetic abilities named Eleven, who may hold the key to Will’s disappearance. The season also introduces the character of a shady government scientist named Dr. Brenner, who is revealed to have a connection to Eleven’s powers. The season was well-received by audiences and critics alike, becoming a pop culture phenomenon and establishing the series as one of the defining shows of the era. It was praised for its attention to detail, strong writing, and talented cast, particularly the young actors playing the children.

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S01E01Chapter One: The Vanishing of Will Byers – 15 July 2016 – Netflix
Stranger Things - S01E01 - Chapter One - The Vanishing of Will ByersAt the U.S. Dept. of Energy an unexplained event occurs. Then when a young Dungeons and Dragons playing boy named Will disappears after a night with his friends, his mother Joyce and the town of Hawkins are plunged into darkness.
S01E02Chapter Two: The Weirdo on Maple Street – 15 July 2016 – Netflix
Stranger Things - S01E02 - Chapter Two - The Weirdo on Maple StreetThe investigation into Will’s disappearance continues, as his friends and family start to uncover strange supernatural occurrences in their town. Eleven, the mysterious girl with psychokinetic abilities, is revealed to have a connection to Will’s disappearance. Meanwhile, Will’s mother Joyce becomes increasingly convinced that he is communicating with her through the electrical lights in their home. The episode also introduces the character of Sheriff Jim Hopper, who is investigating the case and begins to suspect that there is more going on in Hawkins than meets the eye. This episode deepens the mystery surrounding Will’s disappearance and expands on the supernatural elements of the show, building on the suspense and intrigue established in the first episode
S01E03Chapter Three: Holly, Jolly – 15 July 2016 – Netflix
Stranger Things - S01E03 - Chapter Three - Holly JollyObi-Wan searches for allies as he attracts the attention of the Empire, threatening the locals.
S01E04Chapter Four: The Body – 15 July 2016 – Netflix
Stranger Things - S01E04 - Chapter Four - The BodyRefusing to believe Will is dead, Joyce tries to connect with her son. The boys give Eleven a makeover. Jonathan and Nancy form an unlikely alliance.
S01E05Chapter Five: The Flea and the Acrobat – 15 July 2016 – Netflix
Stranger Things - S01E05 - Chapter Five - The Flea and the AcrobatHopper breaks into the lab to find the truth about Will’s death. The boys try to locate the “gate” that will take them to Will.
S01E06Chapter Six: The Monster – 15 July 2016 – Netflix
Stranger Things - S01E06 - Chapter Six - The MonsterHopper and Joyce find the truth about the lab’s experiments. After their fight, the boys look for the missing Eleven.
S01E07Chapter Seven: The Bathtub – 15 July 2016 – Netflix
Stranger Things - S01E07 - Chapter Seven - The BathtubThe government comes searching for Eleven. Eleven looks for Will and Barb in the Upside Down.
S01E08Chapter Eight: The Upside Down – 15 July 2016 – Netflix
Stranger Things - S01E08 - Chapter Eight - The Upside DownJoyce and Hopper are taken in for questioning. Nancy and Jonathan prepare to fight the monster and save Will.

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