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The 100

97 years after a devastating nuclear war wiped out almost all life on Earth, the only known survivors are the residents of twelve space stations, which were in Earth’s orbit prior to the war. After the war, the space stations banded together to form a single massive station called “The Ark”, where the only known survivors, about 2,400 people now live.

Resources are scarce and all crimes, no matter their nature or severity are punishable by death, which is carried out by floating the perpetrators, in other words putting them off the station into space, unless the perpetrator is under 18 years of age.

After the Ark’s life support systems are found to be critically failing, one hundred juvenile prisoners are declared “expendable” and are sent to the surface in a last-ditch attempt to determine if Earth is habitable again.

The teens arrive on a beautiful planet they have only seen from space but there are dangers that need to be confronted on this rugged new world. In order to face these dangers, the 100 struggle to form a tentative community. However, they discover that not all humanity was wiped out. There are people on Earth who survived the war, who the 100 refer to as “grounders”.

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The 100 Trailer

The 100 Series Overview

SeasonEpisodesFirst Aired
1 – [Episode Guide]137 July 2014
2 – [Episode Guide]166 January 2015
3 – [Episode Guide]1617 February 2016
4 – [Episode Guide]135 April 2017
5 – [Episode Guide]139 May 2018
6 – [Episode Guide]134 September 2019
7 – [Episode Guide]1620 May 2020

Created by: Jason Rothenberg

Country of Origin:

  • United States

Filming Locations:

  • Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Production Companies:

  • Alloy Entertainment
  • CBS Television Studios
  • Warner Brothers Television

The 100 Cast List

Eliza TaylorEliza TaylorClarke Griffin100 Episodes, 2014 – 2020
Marie AvgeropoulosMarie AvgeropoulosOctavia Blake100 Episodes, 2014 – 2020
Bob MorleyBob MorleyBellamy Blake97 Episodes, 2014 – 2020
Lindsey MorganLindsey MorganRaven Reyes98 Episodes, 2014 – 2020
Richard HarmonRichard HarmonJohn Murphy90 Episodes, 2014 – 2020
Paige TurcoPaige TurcoDr. Abigail Griffin85 Episodes, 2014 – 2020
Henry Ian CusickHenry Ian CusickMarcus Kane80 Episodes, 2014 – 2019
Christopher LarkinChristopher LarkinMonty Green72 Episodes, 2014 – 2019
Jarod JosephJarod JosephNathan Miller66 Episodes, 2014 – 2020
Isaiah WashingtonIsaiah WashingtonThelonious Jaha60 Episodes, 2014 – 2018
Sachin SahelSachin SahelDr. Eric Jackson59 Episodes, 2014 – 2020
Devon BostickDevon BostickJasper Jordan56 Episodes, 2014 – 2017
Tasya TelesTasya TelesEcho54 Episodes, 2015 – 2020
Adina PorterAdina PorterIndra54 Episodes, 2014 – 2020

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