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The Sandman

Otherwise known as Morpheus the Dream King and Lord of the Dreaming, The Sandman, also known simply as Dream is one of a family of dysfunctional siblings known as The Endless. The family consists of Death, Delirium, Desire, Despair, Destiny, Destruction and Dream.

In 1916, Dream is captured by mistake during an occult ritual which was supposed to capture his sister, Death. After 105 years in captivity, Dream escapes and sets about restoring order this his kingdom.

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The Sandman Series Overview

SeasonEpisodesFirst Aired (UK)
1 – [Episode Guide]115 August 2022

Created by: Neil Gaiman, David S. Goyer, Allan Heinberg

Countries of Origin:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom

Filming Locations:

  • London, England, UK

Production Companies:

  • DC Comics
  • DC Entertainment
  • Netflix

The Sandman Cast List

Tom SturridgeTom SturridgeDream11 Episodes, 2022
Gwendoline ChristieGwendoline ChristieLucifer11 Episodes, 2022
Boyd HolbrookBoyd HolbrookThe Corinthian11 Episodes, 2022
Mason Alexander ParkMason Alexander ParkDesire11 Episodes, 2022
Jenna ColemanJenna ColemanJohanna Constantine11 Episodes, 2022
Joely RichardsonJoely RichardsonEthel Cripps11 Episodes, 2022
Patton OswaltPatton OswaltMatthew the Raven11 Episodes, 2022
David ThewlisDavid ThewlisJohn Dee11 Episodes, 2022
Kirby Howell-BaptisteKirby Howell-BaptisteDeath11 Episodes, 2022
Charles DanceCharles DanceRoderick Burgess11 Episodes, 2022
Stephen FryStephen FryGilbert11 Episodes, 2022
John Cameron MitchellJohn Cameron Mitchell11 Episodes, 2022
Razane JammalRazane JammalLyta Hall11 Episodes, 2022
Niamh WalshNiamh WalshYoung Ethel Cripps11 Episodes, 2022
Donna PrestonDonna PrestonDespair11 Episodes, 2022
Sanjeev BhaskarSanjeev BhaskarCain11 Episodes, 2022
Nina WadiaNina WadiaFate Mother11 Episodes, 2022
Ferdinand KingsleyFerdinand KingsleyHob Gadling11 Episodes, 2022
Asim ChaudhryAsim ChaudhryAbel11 Episodes, 2022
Souad FaressSouad FaressFate Crone11 Episodes, 2022
Vivienne AcheampongVivienne AcheampongLucienne11 Episodes, 2022
Kyo RaKyo RaRose Walker11 Episodes, 2022
Sandra James-YoungSandra James-YoungUnity Kincaid11 Episodes, 2022

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